Hey kiddos are you looking for a really cool customized jacket for a matryoshka cosplay,to wear casually,or to flip your hood up and scare citizens who are passing by?

Well oh boy,do I have what you are looking for!

I’m starting to take orders for customized matryoshka hoods on my etsy!

If you are interested,please check them out here!They start out at $30,and if you would rather send me a hoodie to paint,it’ll be cheaper.

I can add stuff on the back,add a tongue,make it glow in the dark/under a black light,and other cool stuff.Just ask!

Please consider checking it out!Thanks!

Matryoshka Soft Cover
  • Matryoshka Soft Cover
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((As I said before I’m putting out another cover. I decided to do vocaloid so I could robotize my voice but instead found this beautiful instrumental and decided to just sing it naturally. Hope you enjoy. PS: I’m in cosplay so send asks or anything!)) 

So I was listening to some vocaloid songs and I came across this song where the singers (Sorarur and Lon) reminded me of Ren and Nora. The song it called ‘Matryoshka’ which is originally sung by Gumi and Miku.

Sorarur and Lon version (YouTube link): X

Original link: X

Music by Hachi (ハチ)

(The original link leads to a Japanese website and you would need to sign up to view the video.)