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“Dear, you really need to start taking responsibility for the things you get yourself into! It’s not difficult to explain!”

"I didn’t get myself into this!" Zack defended, pouting his lip a bit. "I’m not the parent, you’re the one that wants to adopt him! It’s the mother’s job to explain this kind of thing isn’t it?"

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"Seems like I’m popular today…what do you both want?"

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Florescent hues narrowed slightly in observation at the unique array of life that was presented before him. Making no effort to move towards the stranger, finding it tedious so show the unknown any sort of polite formality, he simply tilted his head in curiosity at their presence. Gloved palms rested against the covered curve of his hip, fingers eagerly tapping against the unexposed bone. “Something particular brought you here?”

Well hello!

highflyin-highwind has landed with Cid Highwind, and I’m going to take a moment to just love on the layout of that page….. OK! So, little bobbing Highwind aside, welcome! Looks like you’re still getting in gear, but I’m still shamelessly tagging you for your story! I want to learn about Cid, please and thank you, and here’s your tea, Captain.

matre-mamare presents Kadaj, and I’m going to ask for his story too! I can’t find his headcanon, and I want to know all about this little silverette. The relationships list makes me think he’s post AC, somehow, but I don’t know… can’t wait to find out!

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This one looked human but it couldn’t be human. What human would have such striking and unusual features as this? Kailen instinctively went on his guard, taking one cautious step forward as his eyes narrowed.

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I don’t imagine he would throw a fit. But he would stare at her. A lot.

ooc: And then Zack’ll be all “Do you want her to be your mother too?” And then his mother would probably act like a crazy lady.

There’s an RPer that does Zack’s mother which is why I say that —

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(Why don’t we have Kadaj and Yazoo go out on a bandit-killing spree? They can show that they are insane, without hurting innocent lives, whiel also satisfying their inherent bloodlust for killing people.)

((I was planning on making a post like that but bleh… It kind of kills motivation when 90% of the threads I’ve started since I brought Yazoo back have just been dropped, even when he’s not openly trying to attack someone.))

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Kadaj cuddled up beside his brother for warmth. “Yazoo…” He cast a concerned look skyward. “We could freeze to death…” (It’s snowing here too. Again T_T)

Sighing lightly, Yazoo wrapped his arms around the other before he spoke. “We’re not going to freeze, Kadaj.”

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"Yes," Kadaj said, and wrapped an arm around his shoulders, and his legs around his waist to hold on. So he was piggy-backing - like with Loz! This was fun and perhaps a less strenuous game than tormenting Zack's fascinating, black follicles. He had never seen such hair so up close before. He nuzzled against the nape of his neck. "Will you carry me around like this? It's fun too.'

"That’s what I was planning." Zack said simply, turning his head a bit to smirk at the other. "So hold on tight, okay?" After all, if he was going to do as he planned, his speed could very well make Kadaj fall if he did not keep a good grip. Waiting a moment to make sure that he was being held onto securely, he reached back to support the silveret’s bottom before he took off, quickly running at his top speed. The pup could not help nearly laughing as his adrenaline began to pump through his veins as he ran. 

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*Tackles him forcefully from behind the couch, to pin him.*

The tips of the former SOLDIER’s ears twitched at the sudden noise behind the couch, but before he could turn to investigate he felt the Remnant’s weight against him, taking him down to the ground almost instantly. “Kadaj!? What the heck?” He asked as he turned his head, staring at the other in wonder. What the hell was the Remnant up to?

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(Your health is important, too… I read that you threw up. Please take care of yourself first. As much as I am thoroughly enjoying our thread, please… *Hugs*)

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