mathjunky asked:

I have been doing some research and I keep coming up with dead ends.. Maybe you can help? I got busted at school because my stupid suitemate was smoking a blunt in our apartment. Therefore all of my stuff was taken. I'm looking around and I want to get an e-cig because my cig smoking has gotten a bit out of hand with the stress of school. I was wondering if there was a multitool device that I could smoke the ecig oils, drops, AND bud out of. I dont wanna only smoke oils or hash. $$$

I don’t smoke oils and such either. It’s not really around here yet and I sure as hell don’t have the money to be making it myself and stuff.. plus I don’t have the right pieces to accommodate it.. I smoked a type of e-cig when I was trying to quit smoking cigarettes, it came all together though.. I wasn’t aware they had ones that you put the shit in yourself. 
Roll your own cigarettes are a nice excuse to have rolling papers and stuff and you can hide your weed and shit I guess? Sorry, I’m another dead end.. 

mathjunky asked:

What size are your lobes? How long have you been stretching?

They’re 5/8th (about 16mm? I think) 
I started in between my freshmen-sophomore year, and stopped around my junior-senior year.
I haven’t stretched them in a really long time, I already have too many plugs in this size to be changing now.