Wave Equation

The wave equation is a partial differential equation that describes the propagation of various types of waves.

The equation appears throughout many fields in physics, including acoustics, fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, and quantum mechanics. With some modifications, it can even describe the spread of traffic jams on busy highways!

The one-dimensional equation was first discovered by d’Alembert in 1746 as he studied how vibrations propagated through a string, and the two- and three-dimensional equations were solved soon after by Euler during his study of acoustics.

The simulations above show the propagation of a disturbance on a two-dimensional surface for two different sets of boundary conditions [1] [2].

Mathematica code posted here.
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anonymous asked:

Ok, this may sound like whining or really silly, but I need motivation. I dislike calculus with a passion. I hope to be a doctor (a neurologist maybe?) someday. Does calculus help you as a med student and later as an MD? How? I've been researching what you need to apply for med school (I'm 17) and calculus is recommended (but you'll know that gah I sound so stupid.)

Nope. Calculus is essentially useless once you’ve finished the actual calculus class and physics. Calculus is recommended and it probably will make your physics classes easier if you take it, but don’t worry about retaining it unless you plan on being an engineer or something. Doctors don’t use it one bit.