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PhotoMath - The World’s Smartest Camera Calculator

This app will use your smartphone’s camera to solve math equations for you. Not only is will it solve though, it will also give you detailed instructions on how to solve the problem. 

It’s on both Android and iPhone, as well as Windows, so now you have an easier way of doing homework. It supports a variety of features and is constantly adding more.

Women are Missing in STEM Fields 

“Don’t ask me; I’m just a girl.” It’s one of the most famous lines from The Simpsons. Lisa Simpson, an eight-year-old girl, is excited to get a talking version of her favorite Barbie-like doll but horrified at the words that come from her doll’s mouth. It’s a joke, social commentary and it speaks to a very large issue.

According to an infographic recently produced by Verizon, at the age of eight, 66 percent of girls say they like math yet, in college, only 18 percent of women study engineering. The problem starts early, girls begin to lose confidence in their technical abilities at a young age. Seventy-two percent of girls feel they’re good at science and math classes in middle school while only 55 percent of girl feel that way in high school.

The National Girls Collaborative Project reported that girls were more likely to have taken biology — a life science frequently viewed as “accessible” — in high school than boys (50 percent vs. 39). Whereas “hard” subjects, such as physics and engineering, were dominated by males. In college, according to the NGCP, in 2011, 57.3 percent of all bachelor’s degrees in the U.S. were obtained by women. In the sciences, women received over 50 percent of the degrees in biology. Yet, they held less than 20 percent of those awarded in the fields of physics, computing or engineering.  

By adulthood, while they compose half the population and half the workforce, only a quarter of STEM positions are held by women. Not only is this a problem — it’s a worsening one.

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Hey, I know tumblr has mixed feelings about Cards Against Humanity but I found this out and I thought it was something everyone could appreciate, and it was something I haven’t seen on tumblr yet.  

Basically CAH made a science pack you can buy, and the profits go towards scholarships for women studying in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.

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