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One-piece, tankini, or bikini: Which works best for a pregnant body?

by Melissa Byers posted in Mom Stories I live at the beach and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with bathing suit body image. If I choose too, I’ll sit in the sand and look at beautiful figures around me, feeling inadequate. The reality, however, is that there are an equal amount of less-than-flawless shapes wearing… Read more »

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I remember this one lady where I used to work was like “ugh pregnant women should NOT wear bikinis. No one needs to see that!”

Like really? What do you purpose that we wear? What is going to cover my apparently disgusting belly (the belly that is, yknow, housing a human life)? Like does anyone know how difficult it is to get adorable maternity clothes, let alone bathing suits? Stfu. I’ll wear a bikini if I freaking want to. I’m proud of my “disgusting” figure.

Just a little tip:

If you’re a big girl with bigger boobs and you have trouble finding a supporting bathing suit and you also don’t wanna have to pay $50+ just for a bathing suit top alone and don’t really feel comfortable in (or if you just don’t like) bikini tops, go to the maternity section for bathing suits cause they have all the tops you would actually need for your size that they should have in the normal section anyways