To Resources Donors:


Things needed in different stations:

Admiralty: First aid materials, dry food, water

Central: people, N95 masks, cooling pads, eye shields

Wan Chai: people,  torch, raincoats

Causeway Bay: cooling pads

Mong Kok: first aiders

Plz support by donating items to the respective resource stations. 




Donors, thank you for your support, but PLZ DON’T DONATE MONEY TO RESOURCE STATIONS!! We don’t want people to have the impression that we are paid to protest!!!

{Please spread and save as record, in case police are clearing out the media}

{If you care and know any second language, please help and translate the post.}

"For as long as she can remember, N. Dash […] has occupied her hands by working small bits of fabric between her fingers. This idiosyncratic activity results in what Dash refers to as ‘primary source material,’ from which all her ideas emerge."

Guest curator Corrina Peipon on N. Dash, whose Hammer Project is currently on view:

Karel Martens & Letterpress_ juegos de formas o/y tipografía

Increíbles imágenes del tipógrafo holandés Karel Martens, cuya experimentación con números, figuras abstractas y colores vivos suponen un desafío inspirador para todo enamorado de la imprenta.

Selección de monotipos de los 50’ y 60’, impresos sobre lo que él mismo denomina ‘papeles con pasado’… (no os perdáis vídeo presentando alguno de sus trabajos).


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♈ Aries - spiritual leader
♉ Taurus - material protector
♊ Gemini - intellectual servant
♋ Cancer - emotional leader
♌ Leo - spiritual protector
♍ Virgo - material servant
♎ Libra - intellectual leader
♏ Scorpio - emotional protector
♐ Sagittarius - spiritual servant
♑ Capricorn - material leader
♒ Aquarius - intellectual protector
♓ Pisces - emotional servant

Clear material on windows harvests solar energy
A new type of “transparent” solar concentrator can be used on windows or mobile devices to harvest solar energy without obscuring the view. Past efforts to create similar materials have been disappointing, with inefficient energy production or highly colored materials. “No one wants to sit behind colored glass,” says Richard Lunt, an assistant professor of chemical engineering and materials science at Michigan State University. “It makes for a very colorful environment, like working in a disco. We take an approach where we actually make the luminescent active layer itself transparent.” The solar harvesting system uses small organic molecules developed by Lunt and his team to absorb specific nonvisible wavelengths of sunlight. “We can tune these materials to pick up just the ultraviolet and the near infrared wavelengths that then ‘glow’ at another wavelength in the infrared,” he says. The “glowing” infrared light is guided to the edge of the plastic, where it is converted to electricity by thin strips of photovoltaic solar cells. “Because the materials do not absorb or emit light in the visible spectrum, they look exceptionally transparent to the human eye,” Lunt says. (via Clear material on windows harvests solar energy - Futurity)