"How does your coffee taste?"

It’s a rhetorical question, something I ask myself out of boredom while I lie in a bush eight hundred yards away, peering at you through a twenty five power scope mounted an inch and half above a twenty six inch Krieger barrel.

I can’t start talking about numbers yet, because I need to be precise when I do: the range is 826 yards and my vertical holdover would be 60 clicks of my drop compensator. Wind out of the west at 4.5 miles an hour; which means that I use the hashmarks of my reticle to place my crosshair exactly 0.5 mils to the right of your head.

An espresso, or a latte? I saw you spill the milk and stir in two cubes while closing the bolt and chambering the 300 grain Sierra Matchking hollow point boat tail…there, that was the third cube you just stirred in. That ought to be enough now…wow. Four cubes. That’s a bit too sweet. Even if I didn’t kill you diabetes would.

There are several techniques in the discipline of target shooting that make a clean shot. Thinking about the target’s coffee isn’t one of them. B.R.A.S.S. Breathe out. Relax. Aim and focus on the reticle not the target. Take up the slack in the trigger, feeling for the distinct increase in pressure that makes up the break.

Another eight ounces of pressure, and you would have just over a second to enjoy your coffee while I readjust from the recoil to spot the splash of my shot. Hopefully corrections won’t be needed. But at eight hundred yards, even the earth’s rotation can throw a shot off by those critical few inches. Cold bore headshots are rare.

Man, I could use a cup of coffee right now. Maybe after I finish my work here and safely bugger out back to camp, I’ll have a steaming cup of espresso. With a bit of milk stirred in and perhaps four cubes of sugar. Or was it a latte?

(I seem to be writing a bit more prose these days)

Black Hills Ammunition New for 2014- 5.56mm + .308 TMK

Black Hills Ammunition New for 2014- 5.56mm + .308 TMK



Looking forward to some great new ammunition from Black Hills!

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Black Hills Ammunition


5.56 mm + .308 TMK

Black Hills Ammunition has added two new performance loadings, a 5.56mm 77 grain and a .308 175 grain for 2014. Both new loads feature the newly developed Sierra Tipped MatchKing™ bullets. The sleek polymer tip on these new MatchKings increases the…

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