Just A Band: New Video Inspired by Those Who Perished/Survived Torture

Kenyan musicians Just A Band released their first music video for the song ‘Matatizo’ from their latest album Sorry For The Delay.

Just A Band‘s video is inspired by those who perished and survived the Nyayo House torture and detention chambers that were in use during Daniel arap Moi’s period as president. Find out more about that here (PDF).

‘Matatizo’ (which in Swahili means ‘problems’ or ‘suffering’), is a beautiful rendition of Issa Juma’s ‘Matatizo Nimeyazoea’ (which in Swahili translates to ‘I am used to problems’). Juma was a member of the popular 70′s band Les Wanyika.

See the video here.


Just A Band - Matatizo (Problems)

This track is from the album Sorry For The Delay by Kenyan musicians Just A Band.

I hadn’t heard of these guys before I found this on a friends tumblr a few days ago, and am very glad I did. As soon as the vocals came in I was captured..

I heard the track alone before going to YouTube to find the music video. My friends tumblr post hinted that there was a story behind this track, and once I saw the video I had to go on and find out more.

The song is actually a rendition of 1970’s singer Issa Juma’s ’Matatizo Nimeyazoea’. The video however, is inspired by those who died and those who survived the Nyayo House torture and detention chambers that were in use during Daniel arap Moi’s period as president in Kenya. 

This rendition of the song is absolutely beautiful, and the video is equally as touching. 

Listen. Watch. If you want to know more, go read… 



Just A Band has released their first music video from their third album, Sorry for the Delay. The song, Matatizo, is an original composition of Tanzania-born Issa Juma. According to East African Music, Juma was incarcerated for several months because he did not have the proper documentation to work in Kenya. The incarceration had a detrimental impact on his health, ultimately ending his musical career.

From the video’s description:

Dedicated to the memory of Issa Juma (composer of this song), and all the Kenyans who gave their hearts and bodies so their children could be free. For more information, read “We Lived to Tell - The Nyayo House Story”: http://library.fes.de/pdf-files/buero…(PDF, published by FES).

Sorry for the Delay is available for purchase on Bandcamp (hit song Probably for Lovers is still available for free download).

h/t: OkayAfrica


The Nairobi commute can be murderous. In case you survive here’s Just a Band’s glorious rendition of Issa Juma’s Matatizo. The visuals are pretty great too!


Just A Band - Matatizo


VIDEO OF THE DAY: Just A Band (@justaband) - “Matatizo”

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