One of the earliest examples of ‘mat-building’ by Team 10 for a 1963 master plan for the Römerberg area of Frankfurt.

They proposed a layered web: a flexible network of rooms, patios and streets that could continually be readapted by the city’s inhabitants. Conceived to “soften the difference in scale between building and city,” the structure is reminiscent of some of today’s mat building urban designs, and the current obsession with creating fluid landscapes that dissolve the boundaries between city buildings and streets. 

  • Sitcom family, alright... Nagging and sighing Libra grandma; loud brash Aries granduncle ; silent but very much done and drinking all day Leo grandpa; PMSing Taurus me; and a new chest of drawers (built wrong on the first time) by the two men in the middle.
  • How is anyone gonna survive this is in the stars.