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the tanaka residence

the hinata residence

kageyama residence

yachi residence

tsukishima residence

One of the earliest examples of ‘mat-building’ by Team 10 for a 1963 master plan for the Römerberg area of Frankfurt.

They proposed a layered web: a flexible network of rooms, patios and streets that could continually be readapted by the city’s inhabitants. Conceived to “soften the difference in scale between building and city,” the structure is reminiscent of some of today’s mat building urban designs, and the current obsession with creating fluid landscapes that dissolve the boundaries between city buildings and streets. 


His face twists into a distraught expression. Because he’s sure he’s ever done anything to her to warrant such a threat. Though he’s absolutely positive she could not hurt him for reasons that are less obvious to her (ex. immortality being the major one) he cannot help but be hurt at the threat as nonthreatening she may be to him. It’s just the idea of someone wanting to break his arm when he’s sure he is a decent person with decently average morals who never does anything to much less displease another. “Excuse me?” Is all he can manage at first because he’s been shit talked by a lot of people in his time but usually he’s semi-deserving of it. He spilled coffee on them at his job, or he accidentally insulted them because he’s fucking socially inept, or perhaps his dog chewed their welcoming mat in the apartment building. But he cannot tell if she’s angry, crazy, or maybe has a fetish with bending people’s arms back until they almost snap. He’s not keen on finding out. “Are you angry? Did I do something? Or—”

A puzzled expression lingered on her face at the other’s own facial gestures—she was a hundred sixty-nine percent sure that there was something wrong in the way she asked Her curiosity has always took her to situations which were either good, or awkward, and this time, it’s starting off as the latter.

She instantly shook her head at the mention of her being angry, even covering her mouth with the back of her hand as she laughed slightly (of all situations), when the other man asked. “I—did I start off as offensive? I apologize about that…”the words trailed off her mouth, realizing the probable incorrect delivery of her query. “It was just that I’ve frequented in this coffee shop and I’ve seen you take multiple roles, from being in the counter, to delivering orders on tables, and even cleaning the place—my question’s probably a figurative-turned-disastrous one, but I just want to know if you deem this job as fun.”. She had no idea of how the other would take the question, but she thought it’d be a good start to hear from a coffee shop staff firsthand, since she had to embrace the probability of this being her next job in the months to come, when college starts.