anonymous said:

Favorite Tomlinshaw blogs?

alphabetical order to avoid bias~

there are varying degrees of tomlinshaw on each blog, like some have a LOT more than others lol

some have barely any but i love them anyways???

honestly, not gonna lie, i want to give SUPER props to wade seancodydirection because i feel like they really started the /tagged/tomlinshaw fervor in my heart and alison masturfates for running the fic exchange. Ana newharry deserves ALL of the props in the world for her manips, too

and i want anyone who i excluded,e specially mutuals, to kICK ME IN MY ASS

i’m a sleepy child and forgot important people i know. literally i will give you my address and let you kick my ass

How cute is my gf @dfordonna ☺?! Had a horrible week but this totally brought a smile to my face. So proud of you for pursuing what you love which is basically being a professional at making other people’s dreams and wishes come true in the most cutest/craftiest ways possible! If you guys love the decoration and favors I used to have at my previous parties, you should all know that the mastermind behind them was this woman! Check her out at 🎊🎉 and think of her for your next party or wedding! oh yeah, and good job @masturfator for giving her that extra push to reach for her dreams! ❤