Fear Headcanon

Shay has had a decent amount of trauma in her life and it was left resulting physical and mental scarring. Some of her phobia’s debilitate Shay completely, some make life hard to deal with and others Shay can overcome with the help of others. Collectively thought, they form a massive weakness for Shay. 


Nosocomephobia- Fear of Hospitals
Emerged after Shay was imprisoned in the mental ward, had a prior aversion to hospitals after her family’s car accident

Latrophobia- Fear of Doctors
Emerged after Shay’s wrongful committal into the mental ward

Merinthophobia- Fear of Being Bound (or tied up, gagged, or blindfolded)
Emerged during Shay’s teen years,stems from when her sister used to tie her up to make sure she wouldn’t run away, and/or to beat her.

Mastigophobia-  Fear of Punishment
Emerged during Shay’s teen years, stems from how Shay’s sister would beat her.

Effects of Phobias

Shay’s phobias are triggers for her. Meaning that she will have an intense physical, mental and emotional reaction when presented with triggers of the phobias 
i.e. When Shay is taken to a hospital, her heart rate spikes, as does her blood pressure. She hyperventilates, her stutter comes out in full force. If she is brought in while unconscious and wakes up in a hospital, she will almost instantly regress to being locked in the asylum and usually start screaming and generally freaking out.

When Shay is triggered by a phobia, she usually loses all control of her empathy, something that can be quite dangerous to anyone around her. See the Empathy headcanon for more information on Shay’s abilities. 

The phobia’s differ from her fears in that Shay’s phobias are triggers for her and provoke more intense reactions. 

Fears and Aversions

Fear of abandonment
Everyone that Shay has loved in her life has either died, left or betrayed her. Accordingly so she is terrified that the people in her life will leave or hurt her. This fear is more deep-seated in Shay’s psyche and manifests in Shay being more physically affectionate and clingy. 

Fear of Needles
Shay was regularly chemically sedated in the mental asylum. As a result she has a deep fear of needles.  She hates getting shots and tries to avoid them at all times, but at the same time, she realizes the importance of such shots and tries to deal with them the best she can. Needles will not trigger her, but they will make her very nervous.

Fear of Car Accidents
After her families accident, Shay hates car accidents. And while nobody likes car accidents, they bring Shay back to that night where she lost everything for the first time around. If she passes one while driving, she will usually have to pull off to the side of the road to regain her composure before resuming her drive.

Fear of Spiders
Spiders are creepy as hell.


Shay is originally wary and afraid of Doctor Vanessa Calder, but she has since created a good rapport with her and trusts her to make the right decisions regarding Shay’s health. Indeed, she can overcome her fears with most doctors by establishing a rapport with them.

Shay is aware that her phobia of hospitals is not conducive to her life and has worked very very hard to at least make it manageable. She can go into a hospital and usually not be triggered, but she still tends to go into full panic mode and will usually not go in a hospital unless a friend or a loved one is in there or she cannot treat herself. If she wakes up in a hospital though, she will be triggered.

Shay’s phobia of being bound or handcuffed can very rarely be overcome by a partner or lover, as could the fear of being blindfolded. However Shay will never ever be able to be spanked, whipped, or collared with out being triggered. 

In Conclusion

Shay is painfully human when it comes to her fears and phobias. She works hard to overcome them but some can never be overcome and are just part of what makes up Shay Marie Livingston