littlemissfemscout asked:

Val + Attic

Send me a character name + a room, and I’ll tell you my headcanons:


What is the character afraid of?
How do they deal with bad memories?
What is this character’s role in a horror movie?
How do they hide their secrets?
Which of the Seven Deadly Sins does the character relate to most?

((Okay, so in order:

Val’s not afraid of too much, but she does have major Athazagoraphobia and Mastigophobia which both will cause Val to have some sort of reaction, whether it freezes her or she gets extremely violent

Im going to say she drinks most of them away, not that it works all that well. And if it’s really bad you see her for a few days since she’ll isolate herself in her house

Idk, it’s either the first person to die in the movie (Like before the main movie starts) or that one person who warns the other characters about the are or something.

Easy, by not telling anyone in the first place. It’s very rare for her to share any kind of secrets with anyone, even people she ‘trusts’. In fact

I remember i did a quiz that told you which one you were, so i answered what Val would probably answer with an i think she was Wrath.))