whoa, i’ve finally finished this mastermind!naegi comic!

(more like naegi’s monologue with a few remarks from other characters)


"Sore wa tadashi yo! Omedetou!!!”

Magical Masterminds Despair siblings Mako-kun and Ko-chan

I love the mastermindAU…..DR AUs are so great……../wheeze

Mastermind!Naeggs because I really had to get them out of my system ok. Naegi (well damn I guess I should call him Makoto now idk) is my favorite Mastermind, and I always headcanoned that Komaru would be like piloting Monobear or smthing idk. (Oh come on, you know it’s not fair to take Naegi AND Kirigiri, the others wouldn’t have stood a chance lmao…. plus I like Komaru already pff).

Quick draw stress relief because finals etc etc.