"I’m Niall," Niall hurries to add, the hand that Zayn’s gripping flying upwards in exclamation. "Zayn’s uh- my boyfriend. Yeah, new thing you know? He’s great though. I like him. I like your shirt too, it’s cool," Niall adds suddenly. "The Eagles are cool."

(or Niall might agree to fake date Zayn for the night, but he what he isn’t expecting is to meet Harry, who might just be the prettiest boy he’s ever seen.)

Written by: silvergalaxy

Oneshot + au + fake dating + side ziall (goes along with the fake dating) +fluff 


Most Popular Writing.

+ Happy Ending

Harry one shot, mature, frat party, hint of love/hate.

+ Make Me

Harry one shot, mature, lust, innocent, second base, friendship.

+ I Said No Small Talk

Harry one shot, mature, interview, teasing, dirty talk.

+ Craving and Raving, or Caring and Sharing?

Harry imagine, friendship, sweet, innocent, frat party.

+ New Contacts

Niall one shot, teasing, new girl, apartment, friendship, w/ Liam and Harry.

+ Don’t Let Me Go

Harry one shot, sweet, sad, song based. (+100)

+ Good Parenting series

Harry one shot, series, best friend’s dad, mature, 3 parts.

+ I Hate You series

Harry one shot, series, love/hate, fight, friends, mature, 4 parts.

movie night masterpost! all links work as of august 11, 2014 (if you want to request/recommend movies here)

Final Destination:

Harry Potter:

Men in Black:

Pirates of the Caribbean:

Star Wars:


Step Up:

The Hangover:

Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit:

Twilight Saga:



(its back!!! tumblr deleted this for some reason and a lot of you were having trouble finding it so i decided to repost it!! i also added more movies)

Over the Garden Wall is an American animated television miniseries created by Patrick McHale for Cartoon Network. The series centers around two brothers who travel across a strange forest in order to find their way home. The show is based on McHale’s animated short film, Tome of the Unknown, which was produced as part of Cartoon Network Studios' shorts development program. (Wikipedia)

So I don’t know if everyone has watched this yet, but Over The Garden Wall is a great 10-episode series that you can watch quickly in approximately an hour and a half and be astounded by its plot and visuals! Its highly recommended by the users of Tumblr and thus, I have made this master-list (of which someone else might have made their own) of all the episodes in order! And that’s a rock fact!

Oh, and just to add! If you are watching these, the links are actually kind of illegal since they do not benefit the creators of the show who have spent a LONG time trying to get the series made! So, I highly advise that you get a DVD that has OTGW or just watch it on the CN site! You’ll need your television box code in order for you to watch it on the Cartoon Network site and also its for the US only, but it does not mean you can’t support the animation team by getting a DVD of some sort! Thank you! 8 )

Keeping a journal or planner, or both, is a great habit for organizing, stress management and creativity. Also its fun getting to actually fill all those notebooks you’ve been collecting and hoarding isn’t it? I put together this masterpost to get you started planning and journaling and for improving and learning new things!

Remember there is no ‘right’ way to use a journal or planner and if you fall out of the habit you can always pick it up again whenever you want! 

Journaling and Planner Resources for 2015

Getting Started

Calendar Printables/Make Your Own Planner

Productivity and Journaling Systems


Creative Journaling and Prompts for Journal Writing

Other kinds of Journals

More Printables

Tips for Beautiful Pages

Customize your notebook or planner!

Blogs for Inspiration

A Somewhat Useful Masterpost for Writers

Websites for Critique:

  • Authonomy
    It’s been a while since I used this website in particular, but it’s useful for helpful critique and to get your original works out there. If your book get on the top five list at the end of the month Harper Collins will read it for possible publication.
  • Teen Ink
  • Figment
  • Fiction Press
  • ReviewFuse
  • and of course… Tumblr

Other Websites:


Characters (part 2)

Naming Characters


Other Helpful Stuff

Dress Up Games 
I personally like to find games that I can make my OCs with.

Free Writing Software

  • Google Docs (automatically saves as you write. 100% recommend)
  • EverNote
  • OpenOffice (a free version of Microsoft Office)



Inspirational Quotes: x x 

And I couldn’t find the original post for these so (pictures under the cut)

Keep reading

Hey everyone! I was asked to make another masterlist that was all about marriage equality (and all other rights included with that) and other gay celebrities - so you know what? I said why not! So here’s the list, it was fun putting it together!

EXO'LuXion First Concert



El Dorado

Don’t go

NEW SONG? ?????? / 1

Baby Don’t Cry (+solo parts??)

Slow Ballad?? (My answer is you, only you)

My Turn To Cry

The Star

NEW SONG???? (Dangerous? Exodus?)













Rap We Are Exo (Chanyeol & Tao) & Machine Remix

Let Out The Beast Remix

Run Remix

Call me Baby

Growl Remix




I Promise


INTRODUCING THE SHOPPER’S MASTERLIST: A guide to the hottest styles at the lowest prices of the season!






Good luck & have fun babes xxx

Master List 1/26/15 update

Country Photosets:

American Photoset #1                

British Photoset #2                    

Canadian Photoset#3                 

Battle Of The Countries #4         

Australian Photoset #5               

LiberTea Photoset #6             

American Photoset #7               

British Photoset #8                     

Scottish Photoset #9                  

Canadian Photoset #10              

Maple-Tea-Freedom Photoset #11     

American Photoset #12           

Australian Photoset #13              

Texas Photoset #14                    

Irish Photoset #15                       

Canadian Photoset #16               

Australian Photoset #17           

American Photoset #18               

Canadian Photoset #19         

Battle Of The Counties #20        

German Photoset #21                

Australian Photoset #22       

American Photoset #23    

British Photoset#24

Battle of The Countries#25 

What Every Fan Can Relate Too:

Set #1   Set #3    Set#5   Set #7

Set #2    Set #4    Set#6 

Animals and Tumblr:

Cats and Tumblr Set#1   Dogs and Tumblr Set#2

Pets and Tumblr Set#3  Dogs and Tumblr Set #4

Cats and Tumblr Set #5   Cats and Tumblr Set #6  

Cats and Tumblr Set #6   Cats and Tumblr Set#7

Whales and Tumblr Set #8   Bees and Tumblr Set #9

Pets and Tumblr Set #10   Cats and Tumblr Set#11

 Dogs and Tumblr Set#12  Cats and Tumblr Set #13

Owls and Tumblr Set #14  Cats and Tumblr #15

Spiders and Tumblr#16

The Sims:

Set #1  Set #2  Set #3         

 School and Tumblr:                             

 Set #1  Set#2  Set #3                 

 Set#4   Set#5  Set #6  

 Set#7   Set#8  Set#9

Set#10  Set#11

Epic Tales By Tumblr Bloggers:

 Set#1 Set#2 Set#3 Set#4 Set#5     

Set#6 Set#7 Set#8 Set#9

Best Tumblr Responses:         

Set #1    Set #2    Set #3              

Set #4    Set #5    Set#6               

Set#7      Set #8   Set#9 

Set #10   Set #11    Set#12        

Set#13    Set#14   Set#15         

Set#16   Set#17  Set#18          

Set#19  Set#20  Set#21  

Set#22  Set #23 Set#24  

Set#25 Set#26   

Family and Tumblr:           

Set#1 Set#2 Set#3 Set#4  Set#5   


Tumblr Puns:                        

Set#1   Set#2   Set#3               

Set#4    Set#5  Set#6                                           

Set#7    Set#8   Set#9    

Set#10  Set#11 Set#12        

Picture Text Posts:  

Set#1 Set#2 

The Struggles of a Tumblr Blogger:

Set #1 Set#2 Set#3

Times Tumblr Made You Question Life:

Set#1 Set#2  Set#3  Set#4 Set#5

Nickelodeon and Tumblr:

Set #1 Set #2 

Tumblr Teaches History:

Set#1 Set#2 Set#3

Tumblr Bloggers Are Crazy:

Set #1 Set #2 Set#3

Train Wreck Tumblr Posts:

Set#1 Set#2



Christmas: Set #1 Set#2 Set#3

New Years

Avenger Photosets: 

  Set #1     Set #23   

 Set #2      Set #24     

  Set #3      Set #25         

Set #4      Set #26    

 Set #5       Set #27

Set#6         Set#28

 Set #7       Set #29

Set #8      Set #30

Set #9      Set #31

Set #10     Set #32

Set #11   Set #33

Set #12      Set #34

Set #13       Set #35

 Set #14      Set #36

Set #15       Set #37 

Set #16      Set #38

Set #17       Set #39

Set #18        Set #40

Set #19       Set #41

Set #20      Set #42

Set #21      Set#43

Set#22    Hail Hydra 

 Guardians of The Galaxy 

The Supernatural Fandom:

Set #1  Set #2  Set#3  Set#4  


Disney Photosets:

Disney: set#1 Set#2 

Frozen and Tumblr

Prince Hans and Tumblr  

The Incredibles

The Lion King

Harry Potter Fandom:

Set#1 Set#2


 Odd Romeo and Juliet Tumblr Posts    Leonardo DiCaprio and Tumblr

 Random Tumblr Posts                         The Different Types of People

Another Random Tumblr Posts           Mario Kart and Tumblr

John Green                                         Dora the Explorer and Tumblr

Pluto Tumblr Posts                             Tumblr Pizza Posts 

Tom Hiddleston                               Tumblr Bloggers at Night

The Ladies of Tumblr                        Skeleton War 2014  

Pie and Tumblr                                 Moon Moon and Tumblr

The Men of Tumblr                         The Science Side of Tumblr 

Splash Mountain Ride Pictures       Music and Tumblr

Tumblr Being Smooth                    Band Geek Humor 

My Childhood                                 Evil Tumblr Posts

Tumblr knows how to cheer you up    Furbies and Tumblr

Shipping and Tumblr                       

Why you should follow Denny’s on tumblr  

 Why Tumblr should(n’t) have Kids

Other Fandoms:     



Lord of the Rings Fandom

The Worlds Only Consulting Fandom

The Doctor Who Fandom

The Hunger Games Fandom

Hey guys, I’ve made a master list of some pretty great love and sex advice, tips, writings, and more! I hope you guys like it!



Over the Garden Wall is a 10-part animated Mini Series created by Patrick McHale, best known for his work on The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and Adventure Time. The show aired on Cartoon Network on the 3rd of November 2014, ran back to back for 5 days and concluded on the 7th of November (temporarily taking over the 7:00pm timeslot that belonged to The Amazing World of Gumball). It is based on the 2013 animated short film Tome of the Unknown. The series will also have a comic book adaption by Boom! Studios in the form of a one-shot comic set between episodes two and three. Here is where you can watch it legally and support it online!

As a note, the videos of the full episodes on the cartoon network website only seem to be available in the US and only if you have an account on the website. Anyway, I just wanted to make a masterpost for my own benefit, and I guess anyone else interested! Let me know if I should correct anything.

As another note, There are no official plans yet to release Over the Garden Wall on DVD. There are also as of yet no current plans to extend the series either. Still, you never know, in the future!

VIXX Shows - Masterlist

Mydol - All (Predebut)

VIXXTV (Completed) - All

VIXX MTV Diary (Completed) - All

VIXX Plan V Diary (Completed) - All

VIXX File (Completed) - All

VIXXTV 2 (On going every other week) - All

Three Idiots (x) & (x) - All

Hitmaker Season 1 (Completed) - N & Hyuk

Hitmaker Season 2 episodes: 1  2 3 4  5  6 (not sure of the other eps they appeared in. Help~) - N & Hyuk

Laws of the Jungle (no subs) - Hyuk

All the kpop VIXX ICC - All

Perfect Singer VS - Ken (Ken Cuts)

Mnet Beatles Code 3D: P1 P2 P3P4 - All

Weekly Idol (Big Byung) - N & Hyuk

Weekly Idol pt1 pt2 - All

Weekly Idol (2k14 Awards w/ Big Byung): P1 P2 P3 P4 - N & Hyuk

Weekly Idol (Big Byung & Chamsonyeo): P1 P2 P3 P4 - Hyuk

A Song For You 2013 - All

A Song For You 2014 - All

4 Things Show pt1 pt2 - All

After School Club: 1 2 3 - All

Dream Team II: 1 2 3 4 5

One Fine Day: - All

Ep 1: P1 P2 P3

Ep 2: P1 P2 P3

Ep 3: P1 P2 P3

Ep 4: Not available yet

Ep 5: Not available yet

Ep 6: Not available yet

Ep 7: Not available yet

Ep 8: Not available yet

Running Man Ep 233 - N

Shin Dong-yup & Bachelor Party (Not Subbed & On-going): - N

Special: P1 P2

Ep 1

Ep 2

Ep 3

Ep 4

Ep 5

MBC VIXX + MayTree Picnic Live (VIXX Cut) - (Leo Ken Ravi)

MBC VIXX Picnic Live 2015 - All

**These are majority of the shows VIXX has been on. I’m probably missing a  few more. Feel free to inbox me a message for any I’m missing and I’ll add it on to this list ^^

This list will be updated frequently, since I want it to be a masterlist~

40 Character Development Questions

Since I led off with a Character Development Checklist, I thought it might be nice to round it out with a Question Sheet, as well.

Also, can someone explain to me how the fuck I misspelled “Development” on that post title and didn’t notice? Don’t pull from drafts and edit at 4:00 am, kids.

Although, if that’s the worst mistake I made yesterday then I think I’m doing pretty good. 


  1. How/why was your character named? 
  2. If they have a nickname, how did it originate?
  3. How many languages can they speak? (and why)
  4. What is the extent of their education?
  5. Where do they live?
  6. How close are they to their family?
  7. Do they have pets? 
  8. Are all the characters name easy to understand, pronounce, and are mostly different from all the other names throughout the story?
  9. Is the cast of characters diverse and interesting?
  10. Do you have an acceptable mix of men/women and of different ethnicity in ratio of how large your cast is? If not, why not?


  1. What does your character look like?
  2. If they have scars/tattoos, what is the origin?
  3. What is their most physically distinguishing characteristic?
  4. How similar do they look compared to their family members?
  5. Are all the characters different physically?


  1. What is their motive? 
  2. What is something about them that can surprise me (the writer)?
  3. On what occasion does this character lie?
  4. What is their greatest regret?
  5. What is their greatest fear?
  6. What is their worst vice?
  7. What is a talent they would like to have?
  8. Did they have a happy childhood? (why/why not?)
  9. What was the best thing that ever happened to them?
  10. What is their worst tic/habit?
  11. Who is the person they love the most?
  12. Who is the person who they hate the most?
  13. What is the state of their house? Clean? Messy? Run down? Perfect and stately?
  14. Are they superstitious? Why/why not? 
  15. How easy are they to get along with?


  1. How is this character different than all the other characters? 
  2. What would happen if your character had more information about the plot you’ve created?
  3. What would happen if your character had less information about the plot you’ve created?
  4. What has brought this character to this point in time?
  5. What is motivating your character in the plot so far? And do you expect this to change?
  6. How happy is your character with the way things are going?
  7. How has your character changed throughout the novel? Or, how do you plan on it changing?
  8. How are the goals changing for your character?
  9. Why is the story happening to this character and not someone else? 
  10. How can I make my character more likeable/unlikable, depending on the reaction I want?

Hi everyone! Happy New Years! I though the best way to usher in the new year is through another masterlist of tips for the new year! So here you guys go!

New Years

College & High School

Makeup/Skin Care







I’ve split the list up into character psds and general psds to make things a little easier for anyone looking for something specific, and I’ve included a few websites that make fake texts, tweets etc too. If I’ve missed any or if I’ve credited the wrong person, just message me and let me know!

Character PSDs:


  • one (thosehelpers)
  • two (benzofrps)
  • three (edsheeranrps)




  • one (newgirlofrph)
  • two (anythingphotoshop)
  • three (zoeyrph)
  • four (swiftofrph)
  • five (thirlwallsrph)


  • one (psperfect)
  • two (broadwayrps)


  • one (skeleseerellie)
  • two (sophrps)
  • three (maslaflinassists)


  • one (fifihelps)
  • two (kstewrpc)



  • one (skeleseerellie)
  • two (axioswrites)
  • three (princessrps)


  • one (edsheeranrps)
  • two (broadwayrps)


  • one (skeleseerellie)
  • two (marvelwrites)


General PSDs:


  • one (misterjonesrph)
  • two (twentyinspo)
  • three (sailormoonrps)
  • four (felicityssmoak)





Hope this was helpful!


Below is just a list of all of the important trailers, twitch streams, news announcements and various other things people may need to catch up OR just revisit in anticipation of the game.  Everything on the list is in descending order by release date, so if you want to watch them in the order they were given to us, just follow the links.

I may have missed some tons of things, so shoot me a message and I will add/edit as we get closer to the release!  



The Fires Above (teaser trailer)

A World Unveiled

Discover The Dragon Age

The Inquisitor

Stand Together

Lead Them Or Fall


The Enemy Of Thedas

The Hero of Thedas


E3 Demo Pt. 1

E3 Demo Pt. 2

Combat Features

Crafting And Customization

Character Creation


Dragon Age Keep (Sept. 26th)

Dragon Age Keep Replay (Sept. 28th)

Dragon Age Keep Q&A 1 (Oct. 3rd)

Dragon Age Keep Q&A 2 (Oct. 10th)

Bioware Keep! (Oct. 17th)


DA:I New Gameplay Demo! (Sept. 29th)

DA:I Character Customization and Gameplay (Oct. 9th)

DA:I Gameplay with PC controls (Oct. 13th)


DA:I Official Site

PC System Requirements

Dragon Age Keep

PS.  I know I am probably missing things, but this is a rough list of places to start.  Feel free to drop me a message and let me know if I’m forgetting anything.

Arranged Marriage Aus
  • "Our siblings are in an arranged marriage and so we see each other at awkward social gatherings between our two kingdoms" au
  • "We’re both about to enter into separate arranged marriages, but we’re madly in love and I’m pretty sure our future spouses are hooking up too" au
  • "We fell in love, so how can we convince our parents that an arranged marriage between us would be a politically good idea?" au
  • "We didn’t meet until the wedding so we’re going to wait to consummate the marriage until we fall in love and are ready" au
  • "We’re trying to arrange a marriage between our children but oh shit I think I’m falling for you" au