Abbott Budget Protest this Sunday! Come!

Protest against Abbott’s 2014 Budget this Sunday, 18th of May. The bigger the crowd the bigger the impact.

Brisbane 18th of May

1pm Queens Park, Brisbane City

Sydney 18th of May 

1pm Belmore Park, Hay Street

Adelaide 18th of May 

11:30am Victoria Square

Perth 18th of May 

12pm Russell Square Park

Melbourne 18th of May

2pm State Library of Victoria

I’ll be at the Sydney protest! Come! Bring friends! Spread the word! (and cheers to brodie for making this list :)
There are many times in my life, when I could’ve thrown in the towel. Many times in my life when I was on the floor. And when you’re on the floor, never allow anybody to pick you up. It doesn’t matter how long you stay there, make sure you pick yourself up and dust yourself down. Whatever happens, whether you go home today or you don’t go home today, that’s irrelevant. What’s relevant, is you take the knowledge from the experience and you grow as a person.
—  Marco Pierre White, Masterchef Australia S06E30

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"doesn't end that badly" I AM STILL TRYING TO RECOVER

Let’s fix that with a bit more MasterChef AU pre-relationship fluff. :P

Enjolras really doesn’t like eliminations.

He gets distracted in the worst sort of ways during his elimination challenges thinking about the mistakes he must’ve made to get him here. He worries about the other contestants he’s closer to in the competition, wonders what it’ll be like in the MasterChef house without Cosette and Eponine’s dinnertime duets, or Bahorel’s ukelele performances when he gets homesick, or Courfeyrac’s steady presence and easy grins that he shoots Enjolras’ way. He thinks about Jehan’s soft voice reading them beautiful poetry, thinks about Joly’s famous back rubs, thinks about Grantaire, about the soft curve of his lips, about falling asleep counting Grantaire’s even breaths, about the way he throws his head back and laughs-

He gets distracted, point is. 

It’s ten minutes into the challenge and he still doesn’t really know what he’s doing. The theme of this week’s challenges is love, and the judges had told them that the easiest way to guarantee their place in the competition was to ensure that love manifests in their dish, and Enjolras is stuck

“Enjolras!” Grantaire calls from the balcony, and Enjolras looks up. “Hey,” Grantaire says. “Cook the things you love to cook, or the things you love to eat, or the things that remind you most of love. I would say to make a dessert.” He grins at Enjolras. “But that’s really not your thing, and I don’t want you to go home, so. Breathe. Close your eyes and breathe and start over.”

He does as Grantaire says, closes his eyes, breathes, thinks, and is struck with an epiphany. 

“The theme is love,” he murmurs to himself, and tries to calm his heart rate.

He sets about replicating Grantaire’s signature chocolate tart.

{short continuation here}


Episode 70 Finale: First Challenge

George: Now to plate up those 35 on trays on your own, would be very difficult. So we gotta give you a little bit of help and allow you to pick two of your Masterchef colleagues to plate up under your constructions in that thirty minutes of service.

Gary: Andy, let me guess who you gotta choose..

Andy: First one, obviously Benny

George: Ooooooh yeaaaah!

[People cheering]

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{previous part}

He runs into the pantry and grabs himself some new ingredients, and when he comes out and starts lifting things out from his basket, Grantaire says, “Why do you have chocolate? Fuck, Chicken, are you making a dessert? Enjolras, this is an elimination.” 

Enjolras looks up briefly to meet Grantaire’s eyes. “You said you would make a dessert,” he tells Grantaire, before he goes back to heating up a pot to melt his chocolate chips in.

“Yes,” Grantaire says, “but that’s me. I am the dessert guy. You-“ 

”-have seen you make this chocolate tart enough times in the last three days to be able to make this in my sleep,“ Enjolras finishes. "I know what it’s supposed to taste like, I know what goes with it and what goes into it. I can do this, Grantaire.”

“I know you can,” Grantaire says. “But why?”

Enjolras looks back up at Grantaire. “The theme is love,” he tells Grantaire over the loud thudding of his heart. He watches Grantaire’s mouth fall open slightly, in shock or in surprise, he isn’t really sure, but it’s enough to make him nervous, to make him backtrack. “You said to cook something I love to eat.”

"Oh,” Grantaire says, after a beat. “Oh, that’s- Enjolras, your pot is overheating!” 

(This bit probably happens during Week Four in the fic, so y’know, yeah. More pining.)


Masterchef Kitchen, Mexican speaking … LOL

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“I really hate elimination challenges,” Enjolras says with a sigh.

“Really? I couldn’t tell,” Grantaire says dryly, grinning at him.

(Or, the MasterChef AU.)