Master and Apprentice (Past)(Freya/Fratley)

"No, no, you couldn’t be holding that spear any more wrongly, Freya." Fratley was not the type of teacher to yell at his students, however, he did have a tendency to sternly scold them when they mess up. Sure, Freya was a newbie, but if he treated her any different than his other students, at least in public, his students would either get upset, or accuse him of favoritism. Plus, she would never learn that way, or at least that is how he felt.

"I’ll show you again." He then proceeded to take the spear from her hands. He placed his right hand on the spear, a bit below the blade, and he placed his left about a third of the way up from the hilt.

"This is the optimal way to hold a spear. It will give you the maximum amount of thrusting power, like so." In order to demonstrate he stepped towards one of the training dummies, thrusting the spear into it. "Now you try." He held out the spear for her to take. 

"Also, do not forget to put your weight into your thrust. In a real situation, If you don’t, you are simply poking, and you will end up dead because of it." He spoke this loudly, so the entire class could hear it.