Gaga performing Master Heartbreaker, Hollywood, Wonderful and Fever back in 2006


Master Heartbreaker - Stefani Germanotta Band

Guan and Chase Headcanon

So I just noticed that when Hannibal is trying to convince Chase to drink the Lao Mang Lone Soup that Guan is wearing a brown version of Chase’s future Heylin outfit…

What if this horrible moment was so burned into Chase’s memory that he ended up designing his Heylin robes to mirror Guan’s outfit here as a sort of, “You did this to me,” hit at Guan?

I mean they used to be friends right?

"The one you consider closest."


These old performances are some my absolute favourites, just proof of her talent. Master Heartbreaker is one of the best things she’s ever written!


Gaga in 2006