Darren Criss at Toy Box Masterpost

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree: 

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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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White Christmas ft. Charlene Kaye

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Christmas Don’t Be Late (The Chipmunk Song) ft. Charlene & Clark

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The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)

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Let’s compare how Liam was happy in the interview with The Breakfast Show with how he was nhft in the interview with Capital FM (after the engagement news came up).

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Guys I know irunthehell was shut down, and EVERYONE is freaking out because they did such a spectacular job on it.
Just note that even though the blog was shut down, the google docs were not.
Which means if you’re like me and pin tabs when you’re watching masterposts so you can binge watch them, i, thank god, still have links to all episodes of the show I’m watching.
Because irunthehell did not put hyperlinks to their docs on pages, and instead utilized posts, anyone who has reblogged different shows from irunthehell, and their followers, are still able to access their lovely masterposts.

That being said! If anyone has links to reblogged posts of shows, they can be recovered MUCH more easily for irunthehell, if they choose to recover it because it has to be so hard to have all that work taken away without notice.

*note* IF you are panicking because you think you can’t find your show to watch anymore, I would suggest

  1. Go to google and search “irunthehell [show name] masterpost tumblr”, because of irunthehell being shut down, it’s likely that you won’t recieve a link to their page but to someone who reblogged it. (If you do find a reblogged version, please do post it below)
  2. If there is not a reblogged irunthehell post, then the next step would be to google “[show name] masterpost tumblr” Tumblr is necessary, otherwise you’ll get wordpress’s giving commentary about the development of shows and masterposts and you’ll be disappointed. You may come across some blogs that host masterposts, but little to none will do so on google docs like irunthehell and jetstreak once did. Expect links to other places, and note that filenuke takes awhile to load but is good quality, you almost always want to find a megashare, putlocker, or sockshare link. Primewire and vidbull will take about a day of loading before you can watch anything on it, and you can always settle for gorillavid if you have to!
  3. If there are no masterpost blogs with quick links to your shows, then you’re stuck finding your own! Google “watch [show name, Season #, Episode #] putlocker megashare sockshare”, that typically gives me the results i need. Choose megashare.info or putlocker first if they’re in the links given to you, they will load the fastest and at most times have the best quality. You can do this with movies too, just replace the item in brackets with [movie name]. If megashare.info or a putlocker link arent in the first few, you will have to go ahead and go through the million links to find one. You want a putlocker, sockshare, megashare, filenuke, primewire or vidbull link, but if none are provided you can check alternatives. Most sites listed will give you a number of links to the same show. One of which you can check is movie4k.to.

If you have any links to reblogged irunthehell posts, or have commentary about other sites to find masterposts, please leave a response! Even a list of shows that irunthehell hosted, or a response of what you want me to find, maybe i can hunt down for you guys. 

Spirited Away

Harry Potter
Tim Burton’s Feature Films 
Marvel Movies (Not Google Documents though) 
Halloween Movie Masterpost 
Wolf of Wallstreet

Tv Shows click here and here for two screenshots of all of the shows there are to hunt down
Adventure Time
Agents of Shield 
Almost Human
American Horror Story Coven and Murder House
Being Human
Boardwalk Empire
Breaking Bad
Community S01 
Doctor Who (2005)
Doctor Who (Classic)
Downton Abbey
Elementary S01  + S02 1-9, 10, 11, 12, 13,
Game of Thrones
Once Upon a Time
Orange Is The New Black
OUAT In Wonderland
Pushing Daisies (2) 
Skins UK
Sleepy Hollow + 12 + 13
Supernatural  + More (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
Teen Wolf
Under The Dome
The Walking Dead  + Another
White Collar S05

Masterpost Aids/Blogs

*note* Sorry for tagging with #about hell, I know it’s an updates tab for admins but i thought this was a helpful post. If you would like me to remove the tag, please let me know. 

My Ask / My Submit if you wish to remain anonymous. 

*note* I’ve come across plenty of movie links but i don’t want the post to get toooo long, so i’m more focused on TV Shows. The movies i’ve added were left in my ask or replied, but otherwise movie links are super easy to find, if you need anything in particular message me. 

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Short masterlist

5SOS preferences

You faint


Beside you

Cuddles - Muke

- Cashton


He hits you

He hits you - Part two -

Always Attract


Ziall | Hospital Beds | Masterpost


Tytuł: Hospital Beds/ Szpitalne łóżka

Gatunek: Dramat

Inspiracja: Piosenka Florance and The Machine- Hospital Beds.

Występują: Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson

Opis: Dwudziestoletni Irlandczyk od zawsze zmagał się z chorobą, która nie pozwala mu normalnie funkcjonować w społeczeństwie. Jego codzienność różniła się od rówieśników. W życiu nie spodziewałby się, że wypadek wycieczkowego autokaru obróci jego życie o sto osiemdziesiąt stopni. To wydarzenie sprowadzi go na drogę tajemniczego bruneta, który zajmuje łóżko obok.

Paring: Ziall.

AU – alternatywna rzeczywistość. Całość opowiadania jest czystą fikcją literacką.

Miejsce akcji: Dublin, Irlandia.

Czas akcji: rok 2013.

Autorka: bansheenies

Ilość słów: —-

Banner: Kochana itsgettingheavier xx

Part I

Part II

Part III