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Ok thanks. What do you mean NS started funding it? Like the whole top surgery?

Nova Scotia only recently started funding gender confirming surgeries. However, for top surgery they only fund mastectomies, and not chest masculinization. (so no nipple resizing and grafting or chest contouring).


Campaigning for a Better Net

Whether it’s one man or thousands, the problem of cybersexism isn’t just about the individuals who harass and threaten women online. It’s also important to look at how wider structures enable these behaviours and deprioritise women’s comfort and safety.

At the start of 2013, Laura Bates led a campaign against content on Facebook glorifying or joking about extreme violence and rape. The site had been allowing this graphic content to remain up, while removing non-violent imagery of breast-feeding mothers or women after mastectomies for breaching site guidelines.

A few months later, twitter added a “report abuse” button in response to public pressure after Caroline Criado-Perez and other women faced torrents of abuse. In the year since, they’ve again been criticised for making changes that facilitate abuse and make reporting harder.

Amanda Hess, another victim of stalking and abuse, points out that both the founding teams of Internet companies and the law enforcement that threats are reported to are overwhelmingly male. There doesn’t need to be malicious intent for teams without a female perspective to design systems that underestimate the very real emotional and psychological consequences of misogynistic abuse and violence that occurs online.

This has been seen once again with Gawker media prioritising their commenting system over the mental health of female Jezebel employees, who were confronted with violent pornographic images for months with no action taken.  

The good news is, public pressure helps. The #FBRape campaign led to Facebook re-evaluating their content policy, twitter reversed their changes, and Jezebel’s call-out will hopefully finally lead to action. By challenging the structures of the Internet, we slowly make it a less hostile environment for everyone.

- Claire

[NB: trigger warning for graphic violence and rape threats on many of those links] 

For my maternal Grandma 👼who lost her battle to this monster, an auntie who also lost this battle👼, for a childhood friend who had a double mastectomy about 2 years ago, for my Sister Friend who survived and is in remission! For my Sister Friend who is going to get a mastectomy in a week! #breastcancerawareness #survivor
#breastcancersurvivor #cancerisamonster #ihatecancer

Last night, I received the phone call, that nobody wants. The caller confirmed that cancer has returned in my left breast. Almost 10 years to the exact day of my initial breast cancer diagnosis,
I embark on this journey again. I don’t have any additional information and won’t know any until I see my oncologist next week. 😢

In the meantime, I need all of your prayers! That’s it! Nothing else! Just pray for my family, especially my mom. Pray. Then pray some more. #PrayForShay ❤️

Diagnosed at 26 & 36. Young women CAN and DO get breast cancer! ~ Madame President
#PrayForShay #sspw #cancer #breastcancer #survivor #mastectomy #DIEP #recurrence #YoungWomenCanAndDoGetBreastCancer #youngwomen #stupidcancer #IHateCancer #FuckCancer #MyLifeAfterCancer #PinkRibbon #ScarSister #SCARProject #ShaySharpesPinkWishes

The only reason I would bother having reconstructive surgery after a double mastectomy is because otherwise a whole bunch of my clothes wouldn’t fit me anymore.

The News

Last night my mom have me the news about my grandmother that I have dreaded: she has maybe a month or two to live.

She is currently battling Stage 4 bowel, bladder and spine cancer. This is just three years after she underwent a mastectomy to get rid of Stage 3 breast cancer in spring 2011.

She is a fighter, that is for sure. She has always been. Strong, confident, and tough as nails.

When my mom told me this last night, I went numb. This woman is my person! She is my go-to gal for anything and everything. We have always had a strong bond, since I was a little girl.

My mom was a hardworking mom and her job required travel form time to time, and some longer hours. There was my grandmother! I would go to her house and all was right with the world. I would play “dress up” in her jewelry armoire and put on the “diamondy” jewelry (I was 5 so I said words like diamondy). I now have that armoire in my sitting room and every time I open a drawer I think of the little girl that so wanted to be like her grandmother.

My mom, sis and I joke that my grandmother is Emily Gilmore. But she REALLY is. My grandmother always wore killer designer suits and dresses to church. She ran a nursing program at none of the best hospitals in the area for four decades. She was on a million boards and committees. My grandfather and her toured the world and traveled a lot. They gave back to the community.

Never mind that my grandmother looked like Emily Gilmore, but was also one tough cookie in a fancy dress. But she is the greatest. And my sister and I are her world.

I was always by my grandmother’s side since I was a little baby. She is the one that taught me how to bake. She is the one that would pick me up from school and take me to choir practice. She taught me the piano. She supports me in anything I do.

She is my cheerleader and I am hers.

I simply cannot fathom a world without her. Without her saying things like “Right-O!” when getting off the phone with you or calling people a “dilly” when they do something silly.

I have admired this woman since I was pulling on the hems of her Sunday best. I am not ready.

She may be ready to be reunited with my grandfather, but I am not ready. I am selfish. I want her around for many more years.

I NEED her around for many more years. Wy has only had 3.5 years with her and that isn’t enough.

She is my therapist, my dearest friend, my role model, my hero, my Julia Child, my favorite person on this planet.

The loss of my grandfather gutted me (he died on my birthday six years ago) as he was the man that I thought raised the sun. He was the sweetest, most marvelous man.

But I had my grandmother. She would be there.

These two people are my pillars of strength. They are where I always got my support, undying love, laughter, great stories.

She cannot go. I cannot fathom a world where my grandmother isn’t just a phone call away. Or where I can’t tell her all about work or Wy or life. Where Wy can’t go over and cuddle with her on the couch.

I am not ready. I cannot wrap my head around this.

She is my hero. My person.

And there will be a permanent hole in my heart if she passes.

I won’t be the same without her. And I am devastated.

Just utterly devastated.

"You get together and you’re two individuals and you feel inspired by each other, you challenge each other, you complement each other, drive each other beautifully crazy," she said. "After all these years, we have history—and when you have history with somebody, you’re friends in such a very real, deep way that there’s such a comfort, and an ease, and a deep love that comes from having been through quite a lot together." (Jolieunderwent a preventative mastectomy in February 2013.)

I’m such a fan of their great love, that in love feeling with your behalf I mean you didn’t choose it, your heart decided, God gave it you because you deserve, you both deserve each other. Fate entangled circumstances to fulfill each other’s destiny.  Unconditional love is so rare, make it happen. Have Faith <3

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In response to your last reblog - Oh no! Someone has said that a fictional characters tits are hot! STOP THE PRESSES THIS IS BAD. Trigger warnings everywhere. Jesus Christ. I mean, the mastectomy comments I can understand but something like "so and so has a nice rack" is just... a harmless comment. I mean, I talk about butts regardless of the gender attached to them and I feel like freaking out about someone saying something about a fictional character is just -silly-.

Ken is trans. 

Siigh. my dad and uncle are watching Maleficent in the other room and they started talking about how Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy and saying gross things like “If you’re so worried about getting things cut off why’d you cut your tits off?” and “Couldn’t you have waited a little longer?” and they’re talking more gross stuff as I talk and I just


On the bright side I shut them up for a minute or so by saying “Yeah, shame she didn’t wait longer so she could get cancer or something, huh?”

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I thought Layla got implants because she had a double mastectomy because cancer runs in her family? Thats why she was out so long? I think her implants look great she has an amazing body

I haven’t heard anything like that, myself! Again, the only person who knows for sure is Layla, and as far as I know she hasn’t said anything on the subject, so it’s all speculation!

I agree though- she really does have an amazing body!

If one more person in my family gets diagnosed with breast cancer, I’m going to start debating a double mastectomy by age 30. I’m doomed.

My name is Keywona and I am the Founder of Pink Beyond Chance. My goal is to advocate and give reassurance that there is life during cancer and after a cancer diagnoses. In March of 2013 I was diagnosed with Invasive Carcinoma which is a form of Breast Cancer most commonly found in African American women. I was uncertain if I should share my story with the world however I decided I wanted to talk and share my journey as I undergo Chemo Therapy, Physical Therapy and a second surgery to complete my double mastectomy. I believe sharing my story would be therapeutic for me and hopefully encouraging for someone else who may be in the fight of their life. Please come out and support our 1st Pink Ball. You will have the opportunity to learn about breast cancer and the affect it have on men and women. This event may be beneficial to you or a family member so please come out and show some support. Food, open bar, and donation is included in the $75.00. #FabulousMommys #PinkBeyondChance

Our Slice of Life Today

I am enjoying the quiet of a courtyard outside the St Mary’s medical center cafeteria as my wife endures the final surgical procedure following her mastectomy in May. We are both so ready for her to put this behind and be as fully healed as possible. Hope to see her in an hour or so and make her smile.

Our oldest son took off for a fun weekend with college friends before venturing to New England for a 3-month work opportunity we all hope translates into something longer term.

Our second son thought his bike would be okay THIS ONE TIME without being locked. Wrong, unfortunately. I am praying someone is just borrowing it and it will reappear (a bit optimistic).

Our daughter begins her last weekend of summer by working at the pool. One more workday, and then school.

Had my last PT appointment before revisiting the orthopedist next week.

Breast Enhancement Surgery - What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages?


Breast enhancement surgery is the most commonly performed aesthetic surgery and is very popular among the women who desire to get enhanced and improved size of breasts. In this procedure, implants are placed in the breasts to give them a volume and shape. Studies show that this procedure is the most demanded cosmetic surgery and all the women who undergo the procedure without any complications get satisfied with the procedure and quality of their lives significantly improve. Although, this procedure is very beneficial but some side effects are also associated with the procedure. Know about the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure here.

Advantages of breast enhancement surgery:

  • Breast enhancement surgery is done to improve the shape, size and appearance of breasts but this procedure is also beneficial who undergo mastectomy and their partial or full breasts are removed.
  • This surgery improves the shape and size of breasts that give a contour to overall body.
  • This surgery gives you desired and natural looking results because implants have similar texture to natural breast tissues.
  • Breasts are figurative feature contributing in the feminine look of a woman, so the procedure contributes in improving the appearance of breasts.
  • The effective results of the procedure ultimately boost your self confidence and self assurance and eliminate your worry about selecting the costumes by improving your physical appearance.

Disadvantages of breast enhancement surgery:

Besides advantages and benefits, every surgical procedure has some cons and side effects or risks also. Although, if performed properly by some expert and highly experienced cosmetic surgeon, breast augmentation surgery does not cause any serious side effects, risks and complications but some temporary side effects are associated with this procedure also. Some possible side effects or disadvantages of breast augmentation are given below.

  • Unfavorable scarring
  • Infection in incisions or wounds
  • Internal bleeding (hematoma)
  • Poor healing of wounds and incisions.
  • Capsular contracture – formation of scar tissues surrounding the implants
  • Loss of breast or nipple sensation (it may be temporary or permanent)
  • Leakage or rupture of breast implants
  • Appearance of wrinkles on the skin over the breast implants
  • Risks associated with the anesthesia
  • Accumulation of fluid
  • Clotting of blood
  • Pain that may persist
  • Possibility of revisional surgery

Beside above given disadvantages, there are some other important considerations too regarding breast implants. The first one is that the breast implants may not last for the life time and in this case, you will require a surgery to replace one or both the implants. Furthermore, factors like weight loss, pregnancy and menopause over the course of life time also affect the appearance of augmented breasts.

In short, breast augmentation surgery has both pros and cons as every surgical procedure has but if you seek services of board certified and highly experienced cosmetic surgeon and take proper post surgical care, the procedure will give you perfect and beneficial results.