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I can't describe what it means to me to know that you do animal spirit death work. My cat has undergone a mastectomy four days ago, and will probably need a second one. Feline breast cancer is so so aggressive and we've been planning her end of life care if/when it comes to that. I want so badly to do Spirit Work but I am definitely not there yet and honestly don't know what to do Spiritually when she passes. So, for doing work like that, thank you. So much. It means a lot.

I’m so sorry to hear about your kitty, anon. Watching anyone go through something like that can be extremely traumatic, which is why I tend to specialize in both animal death work and shadow work for the people on this side, because it has to happen on both ends

And spirit work is definitely a process that happens over time, since there’s an element of danger and loss involved with most types of it, it’s better to give it the time it deserves to truly develop (and spirit relationships also take a lot of time and effort too)

That said, if it comes to that I would be happy to check on/guide your kitty if the time indeed comes. I’ve done a few pet crossings for family members and for people on tumblr because I felt better knowing somebody went to check on them rather than leave it be, you know?

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28. Have you ever been cheated on?
By everyone I’ve ever dated except my wife.
29. Have you ever cheated on someone?
Never ever.
30. Have you ever considered plastic surgery? If so, what would you change about your body?
I have not for aesthetic reasons, however, since I have such a high chance of getting breast cancer, I know that by the time I’m about 35 I’ll end up getting a double preventative mastectomy. NEW BOOBIES!
31. Have you ever cried over a guy/girl?
So often lol.
32. Have you ever experienced unrequited love?
I mean, everyone I’ve been with has cheated, so that basically counts, right?
33. Have you ever had sex with a man?
Noooo way José. 😖

I nonchalantly talked to my mom about wanting a mastectomy and lied that it’s because my boobs get in the way all the time and are super inconvenient, which is half true anyway 

her reply was ‘maybe when you’re on your own insurance’



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Angelina Jolie breast surgery sparks surge in female cancer tests

HOLYYWOOD star Angelina Jolie’s decision to make public her double mastectomy more than doubled the number of women in Britain seeking to have genetic breast cancer tests, according to a study released over the weekend.

Jolie, 39, who has become a high-profile human rights campaign, announced her surgery in May last year, saying she acted after testing positive for a mutation of the BRCA1 gene that significantly increases the risk of breast cancer.

She said she was going public with news of her surgery as she hoped her story would inspire other women to fight the life-threatening disease.

Researchers studied 21 clinics and regional genetic centres and found there were 4,847 referrals for testing in June and July last year compared to 1,981 in the same period of 2012

The study of the so-called “Angelina effect”, published in the journal Breast Cancer Research, credited Jolie’s glamorous appearance and relationship with Hollywood actor Brad Pitt for helping to lessen women’s fears about surgery.

Angelina Jolie … is likely to have had a bigger impact than other celebrity announcements, possibly due to her image as a glamorous and strong woman,” researcher Gareth Evans of the charity Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention said in a statement.

“This may have lessened patients’ fears about a loss of sexual identity post-preventative surgery and encouraged those who had not previously engaged with health services to consider genetic testing.”

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide.

The World Health Organisation estimated that more than 521,000 women died of breast cancer in 2012.

Oscar-winning Jolie has in recent years drawn nearly as much attention for her globe-trotting work on behalf of refugees and victims of sexual violence in conflicts as for her acting.

Jolie was named a Goodwill Ambassador for the UNHCR in 2001 and promoted to be Special Envoy to High Commissioner Antonio Guterres in 2012.

Since 2012 she has also led a campaign against sexual violence in conflict zones.

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Please answer number ten lmao.

Arg, yes, I see the issue with that questionaire. But, feeling that this was made in early 2012, I will answer it thusly:

  • 10. Do you think your life will change dramatically before 2013?

Yeah, by the end of the year 2012 my entire world view on mortality, and my mother will shift. The woman who survived breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, a double radical mastectomy, full hysterectomy, and multiple biopsies and cancer removals will finally come to a battle she won’t be able to win. My mom, at the end of 2012, told me that she had been diagnosed with kidney cancer, and it had already metastasized. She would fight it for months but by december 2013, she concedes that the chemo isn’t working. She is still alive, but isn’t expected to make it to her next birthday, at the end of October. She survived so much and now, it seems survival tells her it is time to hang up the gloves and let life be what it is. 

Alumni GSP Rescue Dog Roxy Pretty In Pink!

Alumni GSP Rescue Dog Roxy Pretty In Pink!

Roxy, our former California GSP Rescue dog and Breast Cancer Survivor,  joins the Paws Fur Pink 5K Run/Walk for Breast Cancer as their Poster Dog this Sunday, September 21, 2014 at Liberty Station in San Diego.  For more information about this event,

follow this link!

Roxy recently underwent a triple mastectomy after five hard lumps were discovered in her mammary tract.  She is a survivor, and…

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for Alison Estabrook

I shook your hand before I went.
Your nod was brief, your manner confident,
A ship’s captain, and there I lay, a chart
Of the bay, no reefs, no shoals.
While I admired your boyish freckles,
Your soft green cotton gown with the oval neck,
The drug sent me away, like the unemployed.
I swam and supped with the fish, while you
Cut carefully in, I mean
I assume you were careful.
They say it took an hour or so.

I liked your freckled face, your honesty
That first visit, when I said
What’s my odds on this biopsy
And you didn’t mince words,
One out of four it’s cancer.
The degree on your wall shrugged slightly.
Your cold window onto Amsterdam
Had seen everything, bums and operas.
A breast surgeon minces something other
Than language.
That’s why I picked you to cut me.

Was I succulent? Was I juicy?
Flesh is grass, yet I dreamed you displayed me
In pleated paper like a candied fruit,
I thought you sliced me like green honeydew
Or like a pomegranate full of seeds
Tart as Persephone’s, those electric dots
That kept that girl in hell,
Those jelly pips that made her queen of death.
Doctor, you knifed, chopped and divided it
Like a watermelon’s ruby flesh
Flushed a little, serious
About your line of work
Scooped up the risk in the ducts
Scooped up the ducts
Dug out the blubber,
Spooned it off and away, nipple and all.
Eliminated the odds, nipped out
Those almost insignificant cells that might
Or might not have lain dormant forever.

—  Alicia Suskin Ostriker
Angelina Jolie's Decision to Make Her Double Mastectomy Public Helps Double Breast Cancer Tests in UK

Gendron Recheche, #Cancer

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie’s stance to come out with her decision to undergo double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer has seen the number of NHS referrals for genetic tests of breast cancer risk more than double, a new study reveals. According to the study led by Professor Gareth Evans of Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention, there was no evidence that the widespread media coverage given to the Angelina Jolie story had led to inappropriate referrals for testing, …
Angelina Jolie’s Mammary Movement Continues One Year Later

Angelina Jolie’s Mammary Movement Continues One Year Later

Angelina Jolie’s Mammary Movement Continues One Year Later

It’s no secret that she’s one of the most influential women in pop culture, and Angelina Jolie created momentum for breast cancer testing when she had a preventative double mastectomy last… From:
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The 'Angelina Jolie effect': Her mastectomy revelation doubled NHS breast cancer testing referrals

The ‘Angelina Jolie effect’: Her mastectomy revelation doubled NHS breast cancer testing referrals

The ‘Angelina Jolie effect’: Her mastectomy revelation doubled NHS breast cancer testing referrals

The ‘Angelina Jolie effect’: Her mastectomy revelation doubled NHS breast cancer testing referrals. From:
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Hey Dolls. Happy Purple Friday! 💜🏈💜

Checking in (some of my followers contact me, if I’m quiet too long 😍). Achy, arm is really sore and the numbing meds have worn off, so before I take more pain meds and doze off, let me fill you in. 💌

4 procedures today. 2 biopsies, mammogram and another ultrasound guided needle procedure to place a marker in an area that was biopsied 2 weeks ago. Received 3 markers today. The procedure went a little like this: The skin on your breast is cleaned and then numbed with a local anesthetic to make you more comfortable. This will sting slightly and may make you feel jittery.
A small nick is made in your skin allowing for a thin needle to be inserted.
The needle is then guided to the biopsy area and used to remove several tiny samples of breast tissue. You should not feel discomfort, only slight pressure.
A marker may be permanently placed in your breast to allow radiologists and surgeons to identify the biopsy site on future mammograms. The marker is very small (approximately 4-6 mm) and is typically made of titanium. Note: The marker poses no health or safety risk and you will not feel or notice it. The marker will not affect security at the airport or a future MRI if needed.
A mammogram is taken after the procedure to ensure the samples are adequate.
Pressure is applied to your breast for a few minutes. A small bandage is placed over the skin nick and you will be provided with an ice pack to apply over the biopsy site.

Still can’t believe I am going through all of this again. Breast cancer at 26 and 36. Young women CAN and DO get breast cancer! Some of us get it twice. 🙍 My life after cancer.. ~ Madame President
#SSPW #cancer #breastcancer #YoungWomenCanAndDoGetBreastCancer #StupidCancer #IHateCancer #mammogram #PrayForShay #Biopsy #MyLifeAfterCancer #MyLifeAfterBreastCancer #recurrence #educate #Radiology #mastectomy #OnFridaysWeWearPurple #IHaveCancer #bcsm #bca