Hello, My name is Gustavo Adrian Ledesma! I am 22 years old, FTM (female to male) transgender and hoping to accomplish a huge part of my transition process which is a bilateral mastectomy. It’s more commonly known as “top surgery”, and for a lot of FTM guys like me this is an important step towar…

Well, I finally finished up my GoFundMe page. I went yesterday to my surgeon for a consultation and the cost will be about 6,000 dollars. :) Please, any amount of donation will help or even spreading this! 

Breast Reconstruction Surgery - Southport Gold Coast

Breast reconstruction is usually a surgery that follows a mastectomy. To discuss your options call us on (07) 5509 4488 and book your consultation with one of our plastic surgeons.

Contact Us – The Lotus Institute

Level Two, 2 Short Street,

Southport, Queensland,


Phone +61 7 5509 4488

cons to “save the boobies” campaigns:

  • reinforces the idea that a woman’s sexual attractiveness is the absolute most important thing about her and her health
  • makes women who have to get mastectomies feel like shit
  • contributes to the perception that breast cancer only occurs in women which leads to delayed diagnosis in men
  • how much of that cheeky t-shirt money actually goes to research/support? i don’t know but i’m not optimistic

pros to “save the boobies” campaigns:

  • i can think of absolutely nothing to put here this is one of the worst approaches to public health awareness i can possibly imagine
Cancer du sein: "l'effet Angelina Jolie" fait doubler le nombre de consultations

Othman El Rhazi de News Santé | Actualités & informations - Yahoo Actualités FR.

Après la médiatisation de la double mastectomie préventive de l’actrice américaine, le dépistage de femmes porteuses de gènes augmentant les risques de contracter un cancer du sein à doublé, selon une étude canadienne menée en Grande-Bretagne.

Top Surgery in Quebec

There are two main types of top surgery for FTMs: keyhole or double incision. You can find some examples of the different types here.

 Quebec fully covers the cost of most surgeries, including  phalloplasty, metoidioplasty, vaginoplasty, double mastectomy (DI), and hysterectomies. 

Requirements for funding are:

-Two letters of reference from a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, etc., one of whom you need to see for at least 6 months, and the other playing an “evaluative role”

-One letter from a doctor (endocrinologist/family doctor) prescribing hormones (not required for double mastectomy)

-One letter from a family doctor indicating good health

You can usually ask your main therapist for a referral to a second professional. If they have no suggestions, I have heard that Marjolaine Dionne, a sexologist, will act as a second.

You can find more info about accessing surgeries in Quebec here.

The surgeon who performs top surgeries in QC is Dr Brassard. It’s actually his fellow surgeon, Dr Belanger, who does most of the top surgeries now I believe. 

Many people opt to travel to different surgeons, paying out of their own pocket for results that are often better. This is just my personal preference, I know a few guys who have had surgery with Dr Belanger and liked the results, and I know others who are quite unhappy with them. One surgeon who performs great keyhole procedures is Dr Medalie, or Dr McLean in Toronto. 

When it comes to double incision, I know several guys (including myself) who have gone to see Dr Garramone in Florida. It’s costly but it’s worth the investment in my opinion, and you can always stay at New Beginnings Retreat which is great.

I did it! I pierced my nipple. Not knowing If I want to keep my breasts and thinking it will be a very long time before I can afford a mastectomy, I thought I might do something that I have been curious to do for a long time. I am trying to embrace my body as it is, even though I have mixed feelings about my breasts. I am trying to love it for what it is now, even though I feel I want to change it later on.
So I kind of went and got it a present!

Hidden on the second floor of a historic row house, Le Bustiere Boutique has become Adams Morgan’s best-kept secret. The boutique features European inspired lingerie in hard to find sizes. Le Bustiere strives to provide excellent customer service and they offer complimentary bra fittings in Washington, DC. Le Bustiere has something for everyone including swimsuits, corsets, pheromone infused body products and even a men’s underwear and swim line.  One of the more popular items is a plus size full cup bra line from Europe. Over the past year Le Bustiere has grown into much more than a lingerie shop. They frequently host bachelorette parties, burlesque workshops, and ladies brunches and have participated in local charity events as well. We recently celebrated Adams Morgan Day DC which is a local event which features performance and festivities in Washington, DC. In the months to come Le Bustiere is excited to add post-mastectomy products to their store, along with a Certified Maste

Just realized 

1. I’m going to have to tell my work I can’t take clients for whatever amounts of time when I have my double mastectomy and hysterectomy and they may ask why.

2. I’m going to have to explain my sudden lack of boobs eventually

3. the situation with my dad (who doesn’t know my gender) will probably go down like, mom mentions something about my surgery and he’s like “what surgery?” and things will get reeeeally awkward.

at least at church if I get any questions about my lack of boobs I can just say “genderfeels” and they will probably kind of understand me, or at least nod and pretend they do.

In other news, I am now 100% sure I want a double mastectomy. Now I just have to figure out how to pay for it. 

I’m so excited you guys! First contribution was made today! $15! We can keep going! Signal boost this shit please! I am so excited to have some amount going towards my surgery, every little bit helps and getting the word spread is better!!! Thanks!

New Fiction: Electric Bill by L.M Alder

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Read it: http://theneweryork.com/electric-bill-l-m-alder/

I am a dysphoric ftm trans student raising money for my bilateral mastectomy (top surgery). 

My name is Lucien, I am 18 and I am a transgender (bigender) man. This means in the womb my brain developed more than my body making me have a “man’s brain” and a “woman’s body”. 

This causes something called gender dysphoria which is when you disassociate with your body (like missing limb syndrome) and it can cause extreme distress. 66% of trans men commit suicide because of gender dysphoia and I am lucky enough to be part of the 33% still fighting this condition.

If I can have top surgery I will be able to feel comfortable in my own skin again and be able to where the clothes I like and not be misgendered all the time.

If I don’t reach my goal of £5000 I will just keep saving. I’m trying to work as much as I can (despite disability) and will get this done eventually. If I somehow get more money than I need I will give it to a trans charity. 

Even if you can’t donate please share on facebook/twitter/tumblr so others can see this page <3

Hey all! Would be fantastic if you would donate to my surgery ~ If you can’t DO NOT WORRY! Just pass it on. If you want to know why I’m not raising them money my self I am in uni and I have a disability that makes working hard. Thank so much <3

anonymous said:

Ooooh 18th of what, and what type are you getting?

18th of December! and bilateral mastectomy - but that is subject to change as It could be decided I have too small a chest for that :/