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Fairy Tail Returned And Changed?

I have always been a big fan anime and have seen over 50+ fully. My favorite of which is Fairy Tail. Mainly for the cool original Story Arcs and Erza’s awesome moments. Not for other reasons that some anime viewers watch anime for unfortunately. 

When Fairy Tail was cancelled, I couldn’t believe it. But soon enough, A-1 Pictures and Hiro Mashima announced it would be returning in April of 2014! I was really excited.

Then, the day the first episode came out, I watched it and was fairly disappointed. Not only because it felt lame along with anti-climatic, but also because of the dramatic change in art/animation(I don’t have a big problem with the art but the was characters move and everything is doe rather sloppily. I can tell) Am I the only one who noticed? 



Became this(Below):


Of course you may be saying that it looks so much nicer, so much more appealing! And everyone has their own opinion, so I am not saying it’s wrong to think that way. The main difference in art/animation is having hand drawn art vs computerized. This is partly why Studio Ghibli shut down. It costs much less to just use a computer than to put real effort into your drawings with a pencil.


Just to make sure these issues I have been noticing weren’t due to a decline in the manga creator’s story(Hiro Mashima who is doing a great job), I began to read the manga from where the anime left off. And obviously, it was not the manga. 

In the past few Fairy Tail 2014 episodes, there has been randomly added fan service which wasn’t in the manga, bad animation/art(Generally in the beginning of its return. It is slowly getting better), anti-climatic scenes all of the time, and filler! Everywhere! 

If you have noticed too, I believe it is because the animation studio has new people working on the show. A new script writer too. To me, they just aren’t adapting it the way it should be adapted. But it is starting to improve. Or at least, that is what I get from the latest Fairy Tail 2014 episode that came out. 

So, I will continue to watch the show, however, I recommend the manga over it for the time being. 


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