5sos ot4/ofc imagine [smut/orgy/a bit of spanking, nc17]

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I start jerking Luke off, his cock nice, throbbing and hard wrapped inside my hand, and he moans deliciously, staring at me even though it is difficult and awkward because our faces are so close. He rubs my boobs, movements and pressure of his palms varying depending on what I’m doing with his cock. He leans up, attaching his lips to my neck, sucking gently and sweetly.

If Luke is being incredibly slow and tender, Calum is having his fun with rough, almost painful thrusts into me. I can feel his bones against the back of my thighs and he is squeezing my ass in his hands, gripping my hips to force me to meet him halfway to make the pounding even more powerful.

"Jesus fucking Christ, Cal", I groan, turning my head to look at him, also giving a better access to Luke who is admiring my neck with his mouth, "you’re killing me here."

"Too much?" he asks, sighing in pleasure and moaning: "Oh my f—" He slows down, not bothering to wait for my answer, and I can feel how he aims for getting deeper instead of doing it so hard. It’s better, I like sex intimate and less rough. 

"Could I—", he starts, hesitating a bit, looking down at my ass and then back at me, not really sure how to say his suggestion in a fairly polite way, "—spank you? I mean, I just, fuck, I like it a bit—"

"—rough", I finish for him, "go on."

I have never been spanked so the first time he brings his palm down, I feel the jiggle and the way it stings in a hot way. It’s something that you think about sometimes, fantasize of someone gently spanking you but the real deal is more painful. It’s still weirdly arousing to me, and the second time he spanks me, it goes straight into my nerves, down to my pussy and I moan because I’m actually enjoying it for myself, not just for him.

"Fuck, Cal", I sigh and Luke whines underneath me, I haven’t noticed how I’ve stopped working my magic on his cock and I squeeze, circle my fingers teasingly around the tip, sliding my hand up and down his cock that has been slicked by pre-come and lube, I don’t know when but I’m not surprised I haven’t payed attention to it before.

"Can you boys come, I want a go", Michael whines on the bed. He’s not touching himself anymore, it’s probably too much and he wants to last for me. It’s kind of sweet and cute. The red-head is distracting himself with combing Ashton’s hair with his fingers, occasionally bringing his palm down to pet the drummer’s cheeks.

( moarrrrr? )


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