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Get to know you tag

I was tagged by sliceofclifford.

Rules: tag 10 people you want to get to know better etc etc

Name - Sarah

Nickname - I don’t have one but I used to get Maca …not like McDonalds btw

Birthday - 25th June

Star sign - Cancer

Gender - Female

height - 5ft 5 or 5ft 6 I don’t know

Sexual orientation - Hetero

Favorite colors - red, purple and blue

Time and date - 4th May 2015 5:10pm

Avg hours of sleep - 7 or 8 bours

Lucky number - 5 or 6

The last thing I googled - Qucksilver (If you’ve seen age of ultron you’d understand)

One place that makes me happy - beside the river in the woods

How many blankets - 1

Favorite fictional character - Quicksilver, Fred and George Weasley

Favorite famous person: Evan Peters, Dylan O’Brien or Thomas Brodie Sangster

Celebrity crush - Michael Clifford

Favorite books - Inheritance Cycle series, Harry Potter, The Immortal Rules

Favorite anime’s - I have only actually seen Pokemon but I’ve been meaning to watch more

Favorite TV shows - Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Doctor Who things like that

Favorite bands - 5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, McBusted, All American Rejects, A Day to Remember, Metallica (I couldn’t name very many songs but I like it don’t judge me)

Favorite games - The Last of Us, Subnautica, GTA V, The Evil Within,

Last movie - Gamer

Dream holiday - Probably a trip to Japan or if you mean like a public holiday then National Sleep and Pizza Day where you get to sleep and free pizza

Dream job - Video Game Designer or a Writer/Author

Wearing right now: Black Skinny jeans and a 5 Seconds of Summer tank top type thing

Last book I read: Fallen by Lauren Kate

I tag calpitationsbichaelcliffordgtaralynnohana-of-mashed-potatoescliffordskittxntrillionialltry-hood , punk-eats-you , hoodcalxm and hemmingsbirdy

Something I drew, it goes with one of my favorite M*A*S*H episodes, season fives Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Its Hawkeye with the bandages on his eyes.

My handwriting is bad and the combo of cursive and a photo make it worse so the various quotes jotted on it are:

Will I get to keep my nickname?
The sides still work.
That’s ‘counting the days’
Let em lay there til they get it right
Would’ve been worse if you were here and snoring
Something fascinating’s been happening to me. One part of the world’s closed down for me but another part has opened up. I’m going through something here I didn’t expect. This morning I spent two incredible hours listening to that rainstorm, and I didn’t just hear it I was part of it. I bet you have no idea that rain hitting the ground makes the same sound as steaks when they’re barbecuing. Or that thunder seems to echo forever. And you wouldn’t believe how fuunny it is to hear someone slip and fall in the mud. I bet it had to be Burns. Beej this is full of trapdoors but I-I think there may almost be some kind of advantage in this.
I have never spent a more conscious day in my life.