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Assalamualaikum Asra! so I just got married a couple of months ago, i'm still pursuing my degree. Before marriage I promised my parents that I won't stop studying, and they agreed to let me get married because of that. But right now Im finding it very difficult to stay focused, especially since my husband is in a different country, miles away from me. Do u think it would be good for me to finish my degree, or go back home and go to a college in my own country? jazakillah khair.

Walaykumasalam warahmatullah
MashaAllah congratulations on getting married.

To be honest, your priorities do shift and change once you are married but I cannot advise you on a matter I have little knowledge of myself. From what I understand, you and your husband live apart. I would be more understanding of the situation where you are unable to focus on your studies because you got married if you were living together. To me, that is more distracting in a good way as you would expect from newly weds but also from the responsibility and overwhelmingness of the situation.
It seems that you do get to continue your old lifestyle with your husbands and parents’ permission and approval and the only dilemma is basically that you miss him and you would like to be with him. Am I correct?
If that’s the case then sweety I would suggest you tough it out or figure out a way that he can come there. I am assuming your parents spent a great deal of time, effort and money into setting this whole thing up for your education and I can sympathize with your situation. Unless you are in the danger of haram by being away from him, by not living with your mahrams or so… any of the fitan of this dunya, then see it through in sha Allah and once its over then you’ll have your whole life ahead of you (by Allah’s will).

The situation can be different; I can be wrong. If you feel like youre in a rut then do an istikhara and seek for consultation from Allah. There’s nothing better than that to give you peace of mind. :)

I met a father with his two daughters today. He was visiting here from Chile and his girls were so adorable. MashaAllah.

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