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This is wonderful.

How One Word Can Make You Wrong
  • Right:Men can be sexually assaulted.
  • Wrong:Men can be sexually assaulted too!
  • Right:Men suffer from sexism.
  • Wrong:Men suffer from sexism too!
  • Right:Men suffer from abuse.
  • Wrong:Men suffer from abuse too!
  • In Short:If you have to say "too" you are saying that at the wrong time, in the wrong place, and for the wrong reasons.

You ignore posts, people think you’re ignoring them because they’re right.

You address posts, people think you’re too defensive because you’re wrong.

You speak respectfully, people think you have a “holier than thou” attitude.

You speak bluntly, people think you’re disrespectful and/or take words out of context for their arguments.

Is there a middle ground that I’m not aware of? I started this less than 48 hours ago, and there’s already so many haters.

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This is the final project that I made with my suitemates for a Media Criticism class. Things you should know that you otherwise wouldn’t if you weren’t in the class:

1) The class was mostly about how white men are evil.

2) An article we were told to read made an argument about how bathroom doors sometimes saying “LADIES” is wrong.

3) Our teacher said things were “problematic” at least once a class.

4) A kid named Manny was always asked to turn off the lights in class.

5) We discussed feminist bra burning.

6) Our teacher was an Asian woman.

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What blogs do you recommend?

Assuming we’re talking anti-feminist blogs:

dontneedfeminism: Don’t need Feminism is the Phil Hartman of anti-feminist blogs.

Yeah, this guy:

^This is Phil Hartman you uncultured plebe.^

Pretty much universally beloved but not especially controversial in and of themselves, dontneedfeminism is arguably one of the most important “glue” blogs that tie the anti-feminist community together.

the-strong-silent-typist: While I deplore their use of the word “masculist” as a positive, TSST is one of the most criminally unknown blogs out there. If you want some of the best conversations around and insightful commentary into those conversations, TSST is hard to beat.

And I’m too lazy to write anymore.

anonymous said:

I appreciate your sluttiness. js.

wow as a masculist i am offended don’t call me a slut we want equal pay now and we want to show our dicks in public and not have women constantly looking at them end misandry now

anonymous said:

So what do you think about RoK or Roosh/Heartiste? I'd read that you'd called out an RoK article about short hair but never saw it.

They come across as masculists. I’m not overly familiar with the lo as a whole so consider this an ill informed opinion. They take much of the supremacist thinking of feminists and just swap genders.

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There's genital mutilation with male circumcision, lack of funding for prostate cancer, high male suicide rates, a majority homeless people are men but woman shelters outnumber men's 14 to 1. Women who conduct the same crimes as men receive less time or just a slap on the wrist. Men by law have to register for selective service in case there's a draft. It's not men & children first when the boat is sinking. I'm sorry for ranting but feminism is sexist. Would masculists be accepted by females?

anonymous said:

okay well warren farrell is a feminist. go look up the definition of a feminist. bye.

Warren Farrell describes himself this way:

“I am a men’s liberationist (or “masculist”) when men’s liberation is defined as equal opportunity and equal responsibility for both sexes. I am a feminist when feminism favors equal opportunities and responsibilities for both sexes. I oppose both movements when either says our sex is THE oppressed sex, therefore, “we deserve rights.” That’s not gender liberation but gender entitlement. Ultimately, I am in favor of neither a women’s movement nor a men’s movement but a gender transition movement.” 

As you can see, he rejects both feminism and MRA, and chooses to identify as a neither.

I’ve decided to be a masculist, one who stands up for male equality. We have rights, ladies. And we don’t deserve to be grouped and stereotyped as we do. Stop gender roles. We are more than you think.