"Someone. I know someone. Well, I know what she likes…"

[based from an s4 headcanon (x)]

Okay so when Mary says this,


it always really irks me. 

Obviously at any wedding it is a powerful moment when the couple refers to each other using “husband” or “wife” for the first time. However the power shown here is not one of love, but rather dominance. We already know that the relationship of John and Mary is an echo of a romance, a shadow that never has and never will be the actual object from which it is casted from.

So why did Mary refer to John as her “husband” if not for the romantic effect? Well that’s because Sherlock was there. 

Earlier that day when Sholto arrived, Sherlock had a small conversation with Mary. Sherlock unintentionally made it pretty obvious that he was feeling jealous about the fact that John appeared to have a close relationship with another man, especially one that Sherlock didn’t know. Mary quickly picked up on this. 


Despite the fact that their relationship is built on lies, Mary and John did just get married, so there still is a romantic relationship there. Whether or not it is a good one doesn’t stop it from existing, so Mary is still considered John’s romantic lover. In this gif Mary said that Sholto came first out of a group consisted of herself, Sherlock, and Sholto. Well if Mary is defined under the category of romantic lover, then by saying this that means she is identifying all three of them as being in the group of John’s romantic lovers. So Mary knows. 

This brings us back to the first gif when Mary called John “husband” whilst Sherlock was standing right there with them. Mary is well aware that not only did Sherlock have feelings for John in the past, but that he still does to that very day because just earlier he was getting very jealous over John simply talking to Sholto.

But John belongs to Mary now, and Mary has every intention of making that painfully clear to Sherlock. Of killing any leftover spark left behind from the unspoken romance of John and Sherlock. Besides, Mary is an assassin after all. She kills people for a living. 

But what is the best way to kill John and Sherlock’s relationship without physically killing one of them at least in that moment.? By declaring that John is officially hers and that there’s nothing Sherlock can do about it. So Mary tells Husband that they should go and dance now. Which of course would leave Sherlock standing there alone, this time with much more than just jealously taking over him. This time Sherlock is left dead inside. 

Mark had said, “She’s not what she seems,” but they weren’t telling me what she was. I didn’t realize that she was going to shoot Sherlock. I had no idea! I was like, “Oh, god!” Martin and I got the third episode, and we read it in the sitting room together. When we got to that page, I was like, “They’re gonna kill me! They’re gonna hate me! Everybody is gonna hate me! I kill the hero in 40 minutes.” And then, once we got to the end of it, we were like, “Oh, no, she’s fine. She didn’t mean it. She just did it because she was really scared. It’s fine.” It was good because people were like, “Oh, poor Mary!” They had forgotten that she just shot Sherlock. So, it was quite nice that I didn’t know what was going to happen. It was nice to be in the dark about that and just play her as somebody with a secret. We didn’t know what it was, but she was still very strong-willed and a happy character. I think Mary is quite cool.
—  Amanda Abbington on her character and on reading the script of HLV for the first time (source)
Mixing The Bloods.

The swiftness of the older grey owl was not what it used to be, so as he swept into the common room of Ravenclaw he clipped the corner of a sofa coming to crash landing in front of it recipient. Reaching down he grabbed the parchment from the bird giving it a small pat and then off it went. Sherlock knew the penmanship before he even ripped open the seal.

He read over the letter once then again. Flipping it over he tossed it into the roar fire place then headed out into the hall. He didn’t care it was after hours and the Prefects were out patrolling Hogwarts corridors. They were fools anyways and never caught him, but he was not risking it tonight he quickly moved to the shadows.

Out came the notorious grey wolf seen roaming Hogwarts grounds for the past seven years. He pranced through the darken hallways and stairs until he made his way to Hufflepuff Basement.  He remembered the first time he stuck into the Hufflepuff dormitories. The entrance to the common room is located “in a nook on the right hand side of the kitchen corridor”, concealed behind a stack of barrels, that had been the easily part about gaining access. In order to reveal the entrance, no password was required, he knew because he had tried everything he could possibly think of after nights and nights of constant research on Helga Hufflepuff. Nothing worked. So he relied on spying using in invisibility spell. The first year was foolish enough not to check for others watching and proceeded to make entrance, one tap  to the barrel second from the bottom, middle of the second row, in the rhythm of ‘Helga Hufflepuff’, the door swung open, exposing a passageway that will lead them to the basement after crawling through. Luckily he never forgot how to gain access unlike the following first year that tried entering, the wrong lid was tapped and the wrong rhythm was used, the student was mistaken as an intruder and was doused in vinegar and barred access. Quit amusing that Hufflepuff was the only house that had a repelling device against intruders, made him wonder what they were hiding.

As he entered the common room he sniffed the air for the scent of his goal mission. It was obviously that the Herbology teacher of the house teacher due to the round and earthy and low-ceiling room; it always felt sunny;even at night, and its circular windows have a view of rippling grass and dandelions. There is a lot of burnished copper about the place, and many plants, which either hang from the ceiling or sit on the windowsill.

But through the elegant flowers he found her scent and patted off in her direction. It was the holidays and most everyone had gone home, but a few stayed behind so he was careful as he nosed the room open. It creaked as it did and he filched  and lowered himself to the cool stone floor.

The room was dark minus the embers of the dying fire in the hearth but he didn’t want to be seen. Silence filled the room until a soft voice broke it.

"Sherlock?" She called out in a whisper but didn’t leave the warmth of her bed. He didn’t answer until she gave the safe word. They had establish a word that meant safety long ago during their first year it was a code only they knew and only they used. He lowered himself lower if possible awaiting her safe word.

"Oh ok…’Bertie Botts’…" She said in a soft sigh. "INCENDIO…" her wand shot out a spark to the embers and they suddenly burst to life. Molly stood there in her robe tightly wrapped around her. "Sherlock what are you doing here?" she snapped at him trying to hide the fact she was crying behind a rush of anger.

Stepping into the light as Sherlock once more and not his wolf form he approached her. “What the Molly? What was that letter about? You can’t be with me?” He rushed her and grabbed her by her wrist tugging her closer. Stumbling she fell into his chest and she looked up. Just long enough for him to see the deep bruise form around the corner of her mouth. Gripping her chin he held up his wand.

"LUMOS." The light was bright at first but their eyes adjusted and he saw clearly what was a swollen upper lip and bruised cheek. She jerked her head away almost in shamed. "Who did that Molly?" he demanded gripping his wand tighter.

"Does not matter….but I think it would be better if we no longer saw each other." She rubbed her arms fighting off the chill that rushed over her.

Sherlock could not believe she was acting so foolishly and grabbed her pulling her to him. “No. I will not be frighten off, Molly.” He turned her the bruise making his stomach turn. He thought about all the cruses he could cast on the bastard that harmed her. He sighed in defeat and waved his wand quickly over her mouth. “EPISKY” the bruise and swelling came down and he smiled softly running his thumb over his lips.

Over the year hey most spent at Hogwarts Molly Hooper had became a dear and trusted friend, her opinion he valued above all others. She was a brilliant witch and her goals and achievements where high. Teased the first year for being a ‘mug-blood’ Sherlock saw past that. She was a witch just as he was a wizard. Molly Hooper was the only person that first year that understood his talents and willingly kept pushing for his friendship and trust. Proving time and time again she was loyal, slowly he knew her feelings had changed towards him. From a friend to crush was the hardest fact Sherlock had to accept. It was two summers ago when Molly joined him to England for holiday. He knew the opinions his family against muggle born but the didn’t care. Mr. and Mrs. Holmes of course adored the girl. They both where purebloods but gave up fortune to be together and sympathized with the romantic side of it all. Mycroft of course could care less but disliked all muggle borns alike. It was the portraits on the walls that screamed at Molly every chance they got. Calling filthy names to her, screaming and shrieking at her as she stayed at the family home.

As if Molly did not get enough of it at school she was tourted with it during her only break, but grin and bared it for him. Sherlock grew to love her in that summer. Now after all they had been through she was calling it off due to another bully. Something was wrong.

"Who was it? Please tell me."


"Don’t you…wait you don’t remember who right?"

Nodding she whimpered and held out a piece of parchment to him.


M? Sherlock was going to look into this a bit more. But first he reached out for his girlfriend and lead her to her post bed. She climbed in and he followed soon after placing himself beside her cradling her.

"It’s going to take a lot more than death threat to get rid of me…."Sherlock held her tighter and she finally relaxed and squeezed him back. "I am serious. I will never leave you behind."

"I just want to lose you…even if it means me loosing you." Molly whispered. Sherlock snickers and then chuckled. Molly arched her brow.

"That made no sense…" he laughed out and Molly popped her shoulder hard. He tried defending himself but was too carried away laughing.

"Well excuse me not all of us can be romantics with a smooth sliver tongue like the great Mister Homes." She crossed her arms in front of her chest 

"Once! I use Janie shamefully to gain access to the Potion lab in our fourth year and you won’t let me forget it." He held his hands up in defense. "But you wooed John to make me jealous!"

"And it worked….besides John has Mary now. Everyone is happy and no one got hurt."

"He punched me in my nose when he found us snogging."

"Oh forgot…" Molly giggled at the memory. That year was for sure the most interesting of them all. After this year they graduate and start their adult lives in the wizarding world. The both had dreams that wanted to accomplish and they plan to do them together, no matter what the world thought of them. A muggle born and Pure blood. 

Sherlock read her mind and enlaced their hands together. He fetched her wand and together they casted the Patronum charm. A sliver mist like hue glowed and out from Sherlock’s wand came a strong and bold wolf running around the bed post. Molly’s was a elegant Snow Leopard leaping out and strutting to the side of the wolf. Together the two animals curled and nestled together just as their caster did. Two very different polar had found a medium and neither care one was so unlike the other. All that mattered is that they were together and strong.


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Martin Freeman on Whether Sherlock Will Leave John and Mary Alone to be Happily Married

"Presumably not.  It’s the tensions within those characters that make the show.  Now that Mary is very much part of the setup, that can’t be a happy, or rather a straightforward, thing.  Without the tension between John and Sherlock there is no show.  So no, it won’t be un-rocky"

- Martin Freeman, The Sunday Times