went and cleaned alot of clutter from my room and found some interesting things like me and jose’s first pair of glasses, and this ‘get well soon’ card from my brother when he was made in elementary school from forever ago lmaoooo apparently the R in my name stands for “rains on my parade” lololol DEAD.

i feel so much better now. i let go of alot of stuff that’s been weighing my room down, and in turn, i feel like i did the same thing mentally. i read my old diaries and there was so much negativity and crap in them. idek why i kept them. but looking back and reading the entries, i realized how insignificant all those events were now. like yeah, alot of it shaped who i am now, but is there really any point in holding onto them?  most of it just seems like nothing.  so this made me think, hey, this is just another phase in life. give it a couple of years, there’s a good chance that all of this, will also seem like nothing and i’ll probably laugh at myself for being so damn emo lol  finally letting go feels good. idk how long this feeling and will power to let go will last, but right now, i feel more energized and at peace …