Summer Hair Sunday: "Don't Get My Hair Wet!"

"Pooool paaartyyyy!! But don’t get my hair wet!" How many of us have heard, or better yet, used this phrase throughout the summer? Well not this year! This week I’ll be sharing some tips to keep those locs healthy and hydrated while you divas enjoy your swim.

Hair is like a sponge, which means it sucks up moisture whether it be good nourishing moisture of bad damaging moisture. This means that if you go for a swim in chlorine saturated water, your hair shafts will be filled with residual chlorine molecules. Our goal is to limit the amount of damaging moisture we allow into the hair. How?

- Allow your hair to soak up as much good moisture as possible.

Before stepping foot into the water, lather on some moisturizing conditioner. What this will do is saturate your hair shaft so that there is little to no room for the chlorine filled water to go; not to mention give you a great deep penetrating condition.


If you are working with color- treated hair, you may need to go a step further. While swimming, there is a high possibility that the sun will be very hot and the way that we protect our skin from the UV rays, we want to do the same for our hair. 

To prep and protect from the sun, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner with SPF. This will create a barrier between your hair and harmful rays. Then follow up with a thick hair mask right before you take your dive. Because color- treated hair is more porous than non color-treated hair, it is vital that you follow these steps in prolonging the health of your hair and the vibrancy of your color.

So this summer, I dare all of you marvelous divas to dive in. Leave the shower caps and head scarfs at home and show off those beautiful tresses! As always, if you have any questions that you would like answered, feel free to leave them in my inbox. (Link is above.) Until next Sunday! xx,

Kim L.

Summer Hair Sunday Inspiration: Braids, Buns, and Fun!

Hey my Marvelous Faces! This week I want to inspire you to get creative! It’s Summer and it’s heating up fast, so we need to start tying up our hair and protecting those ends! But who says we can’t sass up our armor? Here are a few funky up-dos that will get those creative juices flowing!

This up-do is both elegant and funky. It can be dressed up for a formal gala, or dressed down for a night on the town!  If you don’t have as much length, fullness, or texture as you would like, try adding some synthetic braiding hair.

Or, if you want something that will last a little longer, try this:

While this beautiful up-do will take a bit more time to execute, it will definitely wear longer, not to mention the flawless twist out you will get as a result!

If you’re not into heavily styled up-dos, or you prefer the more messy look, fear not! I have something for you too!

Braids are a great way to spruce up any hairstyle. It provides the perfect amount of effort to an effortless hairstyle! They also help minimize the amount of friction occurring on the ends of the hair.

And for those of you who just can’t seem to find the time:

A simple bun will never get old! It’s elegant, timeless and it will keep your ends protected all the same!

So I hope that this week you all challenge yourselves. Try to create a protective style that represents you! If you want, take pictures and upload them to Instagram or right here on Tumblr and tag #SummerHairSunday. I would love to see what you divas will come up with. Until next week! 


Kim L

I just washed My blue Brazillian wavy wig after finding it stuffed in a bag somewhere. the waves bounce back beautifully even after several hair processes! I only have 14” & 16” left for sale so if you’re in the Christ Church area and want to purchase, please email me. (address is in the bio) #marvelousfaces #virginbrazillian #wavy #extensions #Barbados #hairstylist

Quick tip: Ladies, when investing in virgin hair extensions, order wavy hair. Even if you are going for a straight look, purchase wavy hair. Why. Well: 1. You will definitely have versatility in the styling of your extensions thus getting more bang for your buck. 2. When you wear your extensions straight, they will have wayyy more body then naturally straight hair. 😃👍 I’m wearing 2.5 bundles of Brazilian wavy (16”, 16”, 5*14”) from my extension bar! #marvelousfaces #extensions #brooklyn #barbados #stylist

New color!!! 😃 I haven’t had an organic color In a long time. It was always non traditional colors like blue and purple. But I’m loving this colorrr. And I’m still rocking my sew-in with my #marvelousfaces brazillian wavy. 😍 For the stylist that want to know what colors I used, it’s level 8RO with 9% or 30vol developer on the top and level 6RV with 6%or 20vol developer in the middle. I’m in loveee. Oh and on my lips I have MAC chestnut lip liner, wet n wild 967 dollhouse pink and MAC coral bliss in the center. #barbados #hairstylist #marvelousfaces

Pre-wedding trial for my bride! She’s 100% natural so during the trial, we silked her hair out, added a few pieces in and played around with a few styles. Of course I allowed her to leave the trial looking good without revealing the wedding look! #Barbados #hairstylist #246 #marvelousfaces

Summer Hair Sunday: What Color Should I Dye My Hair?

As we all can tell, temperatures are rising so it’s time to make some changes! This hot tip is for you ladies out there that want to add color to your tresses but are not sure which route to go. To chose a hair color best suited for you, you must first recognize your skins’ undertone. An undertone is a subdued pigment that lies beneath our natural skin color. One can have a warm undertone (golden or peach), or a cool undertone (pink or blue). Finding your perfect hair color through skin pigmentation may be difficult for some so here is another method. Use your eye color! It’s easier in many instances, to discover the tonal hair shades that work the best for you. 

Take Jennifer Lopez as an example:

If we take a look at her eye color, we can actually see quite a bit of warmth. So her stylist added a warm golden brown color to her hair. And we can see how it compliments her skin tone flawlessly.

Here’s for an example of a cooler tone:

We all know of Taylor Swift’s vivid blue eyes and if you can remember, blue is on the cooler side of the tonal chart. So of course, most cool or ashy toned colors will compliment her skin tone beautifully.

It’s as simple as that! Hair color is a bold way to make a change in one’s physical appearance but I must add this disclaimer; PLEASE TO NOT ATTEMPT TO LIGHTEN YOUR HAIR AT HOME USING D.I.Y. KITS. WHEN DEALING WITH HAIR CHEMICALS OF ANY SORT, I URGE YOU TO VISIT A PROFESSIONAL!

I hope this tip was helpful to you and if you have any question, please feel free to leave them in my ask inbox and i will do my best to assist. I hope to see you all next Sunday! xx

Kim L

This pictorial demonstrates a spiral curl using a curling wand. 1. Hold wand in a downward position that is most comfortable. Begin to wrap the section around. 2. Switch the placement of the hair in your fingers so that the hair remains flat against the wand. 3-5. Continue wrapping until you get to the end of the section. The key is to keep the hair going in one direction so that it is flush with the barrel. Hold for as long as you want. (the longer you hold it the tighter the curl) I held mine on for about 10 secs. Once you release, your curl should look like this. I how this helped! @msjlove_ #spiralcurls #pictorial #marvelousfaces #Barbadosedition