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Hey there! I was just wondering if anyone would be interested if I made an imagine blog? It would include stuff from-

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So it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these but I’m looking for people who blog 2 or more of these things. (Sorry not just one, it must be at least 2).
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New blog!!

I hope to be on tumblr three or so times a week, as real life permits. Expect fan mixes, reblogging, text posts,  and the occasional head canon from me. I read a lot, I love poetry and nature,and my fandoms include Tom Hiddleston, Harry Potter, Merlin, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Graceling, The Selection, OUAT, LOTR, Sifki, the Avengers, Marvel in general, a little star trek, and much more. My favorite ships/OTPs are rumbelle (is that even a thing anymore? I’m like a season and a half behind on OUAT?), Romione, Tedromeda, Drastoria, Sifki, and Sherlolly, and of course the tragically beautiful Matthew x Mary and Sybil x Tom:) 

Mishka’s Marvelous Downton Abbey Rewatch


 My most heartfelt apologies, gentle readers, for this brief hiatus in my rewatch.  Craziness at work and home is the ultimate reason, and even though I have had some down time, the only Downton time I could work in was a rewatch of the S5CS that my youngest hadn’t seen yet.  There are few things in life quite like watching a 13 year-old boy squeal like a fangirl.  But that’s a few months down the road on our official rewatch schedule …

This episode is, of course, on the more frequent rewatch list for most Banna fans, at least for a couple of scenes.  Oddly enough, I found myself drawn to other points this time around.  I present them for your pondering pleasure, in no particular order or attempt at forcing a thematic resonance (unless you want to pull out Robert’s “the world was in a dream before the war …” line at the end, but that’s too pat even for me, though it does work, especially with Lang’s nightmare bit).  There’s lots of really interesting stuff going on, however (whatever, whenever, wherever, whoever, whyever – just a silly Banna-esque nod to my high school journalism teacher).

Cora’s almost opening line about “Where are we to sit?” always cracks me up for some reason.  Of course, it’s meant to, but even at this late date in the war, with a daughter of the house already serving, the fact that this is her first reaction to just the beachhead of beds and equipment is telling. Even though they’ve agreed to this convalescent hospital idea, Cora feels out of her depth at first.  She certainly recovers quickly though, especially when Isobel starts feeling her oats.  Her pointed looks as she maneuvers to get Thomas installed and Isobel corralled almost make me squeal.  I truly like Isobel as a character (though I like her more later on), but I do love to see her put in her place.

This is also a great Edith episode, and was the beginning of her being almost likeable.  She’s growing up from her simpering days in the first series and finding her feet. Of course, she still needs a boot in the backside to get her moving, which Sybil cheerfully provides, but she does get moving. I find it interesting that Edith never comments on any young men she knew who have died, when she obviously gets on so well with the wounded.  But then she was a simpering foil for Mary before the war, and even Sybil, who is the nicest character on the show except for Anna, later comments that she’s much nicer than she was before the war.

I found myself wondering about several backstories during this rewatch as well.  For example, I noticed that, in this episode and others, Carson always hovers near the Dowager when she is present.  How long has he been the butler?  Was he employed in the house before he was the butler in another capacity?  Did he serve the previous earl in some fashion?  Is he possibly more loyal to the elder generation than the current?  Which led me to closely watch his interactions with Robert in this episode.  There does seem to be a touch of assumption in his dealings with Robert.  There isn’t a great age difference between them, but perhaps just enough that Carson began his tenure under Robert’s father and so has that “experienced sergeant-major” condescension to the young master.  His use of the pronoun “we” when asking Robert to find a way to keep William safe is particularly telling.

Lots of good Anna and Mary scenes in this one, too.  I always like seeing them together.  Anna’s fondness for Mary is so clear when she’s working with the curling iron, as is Mary’s when she clearly rushed to find Anna after Sir Richard called.  Ethel seems quite taken aback at Mary’s forcefulness in telling her to leave so she can tell Anna the news.


O’Brien and Lang: I really need to do a fanfic search for this.  I just love the potentiality of this relationship.  She stays in his room after most  of the others have left after being awakened by his night terrors.  I only noticed tonight that she also comforts him when he breaks down outside the house as the general is leaving.  I hadn’t really caught that before.


And then there are the Carson and Branson exchanges.  The entirety of their mutual respect and disgust are on display.  Branson pushes the envelope eating with the staff and Carson comments on it.  Branson offers to help and refers to “the honor of Downton” and Carson gushes at him. Branson almost douses the general in oil and Carson frog marches him out the door.  This storyline also struck me when Anna found Branson’s note to Sybil and she rushes through the house in absolute silence despite knowing how grave the situation likely is.  Today, someone would have been shouting at the top of their lungs if they found evidence that someone was being targeted.  Both Anna and Mrs. Hughes stand quietly at Carson’s side, out of breath, as he contemplates how to stop Branson in the dining room.

And a few one-off observations:

Lavinia’s storyline is almost as tedious as Ethel’s.  The most interesting thing she does is die.

Speaking of Ethel, Major Bryant looks phenomenally fit for someone at a convalescent hospital.  

I love that Sybil is pushing the boundaries about the divisions between officers and enlisted men.

It makes sense that Thomas’ old room is still available since there haven’t been any new footmen, but did they put Lang in Bates’ old room?

I love the last few minutes before the wounded arrive, as Robert and Cora are looking around, taking in the changes that are and are to come.  And then as they and Edith and Sybil stride purposefully to the door – very “Right Stuff” sort of look.


The scene with Robert, Isis, and the ping pong ball is one of my favorites in the entire show.


Just how foolish is Mr. Swire, if he could get in enough debt to bankrupt him and that amount is also enough to completely change the course of Downton’s fortunes?  Losing it in a bad investment a la Robert sort of makes sense, but just how did old Reggie rack up that much debt to Richard Carlisle?

I love that only Mary even notices that anything odd is going on when Carson marches Branson out of the dining room.


Okay, to me, Bates and Anna are the living, breathing, beating heart of this show, so I can’t just let their scenes go unmentioned.  Even though these scenes have been worked over pretty well in numerous fanfics, I still come back to them with questions and wonderings.  Anna wasted zero time in getting to see Bates once she knew where he was. We know she was still deeply committed to him, despite being so hurt, but did she walk into that pub with the intention of forgiving him or having it out with him?  She caves pretty quickly once he starts talking.  Her “that’s not very fair to women” line seems a last ditch attempt to hold onto some sort of moral high ground.  Which takes me to my ongoing “did they or didn’t they?” debate.  Anna’s “we can’t criticize her for that” comment about Vera’s infidelity is in direct contrast to Bates’ “that is not the right path for you” response to Anna’s offer to become his mistress.  I know many have firm opinions about whether they did or didn’t do this, that, or the other prior to April 1919, but I keep coming right back to where I started, which is: I don’t know.


But I do know that I have got way off-schedule if I am going to cover the whole show prior to series 6 starting in mid-September.  I am now about four episodes behind my original master plan.  I have a planned week off for Scout camp in mid-June, but will see where and when I can work in an extra review here and there to meet my goal for this rewatch.  It’s fun to do and seems to be fun for others to follow as well.

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1. Why did you choose your url?  The first part of my url, coffeebean, refers to my love of coffee and going to coffee shops.  I chose the 87 because I was born in 1987.

2. What is your middle name?  Meredith

3. Favorite color?  Blue

4. Favorite song?  “Beautiful Day” by U2, but I’ve really come to like “Speed of Sound” by Coldplay as well.

5. What are your top 3 fandoms?  Downton Abbey, Marvel, and Disney

6. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?  I get to meet people from around the world who share common interests with me.

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