• Loveless
  • Okay
  • Huggable Dust

You slept in my bed after you said,
“I need to sort out my head.”

So we didn’t, we just talked instead
But my blood, it still has to be red
It’s still gonna go wherever it be led

Now I can’t get you out of my head.

And last night I heard you kiss a little drummer girl that you missed
You don’t know nothing about her lips, why would you want to go on loveless?


Okay - “My” - Live at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco (2.21.2012)

Okay played their first show in some years last night and here is some video from it!

for those unaware, Okay is the music of Marty Anderson, who previously made music in the consistently fantastic bands Dilute, Howard Hello, and Jacques Kopstein. all of his records are amazing, and he’s been a huge influence on the way that i think about writing and recording (and listening to) music. i really can’t express how exciting it is to see him playing out, and i really can’t wait to see what happens!

much much love to marty,


Okay - Tragedy

Wonderful audio editing and musical composition on this album, Huggable Dust.

Marty Anderson is one of the few artists I can listen to who can repeat a simple phrase over and over and somehow avoid sounding lazy or inept. The words grind in until empathy approaches a kind of shared emotional limit (yes, yes, another calculus analogy). Very good stuff.


Meet the Residents of Riverside, Part 4

Meet the Anderson Household

Meet Bernie and Marty Anderson and their housemates, Lisa Rusilo and  Jennifer Rose.  Bernie is the one with the glasses.  Marty is the one with the goatee.  Lisa is the one with the purple outfit and Jennifer is the one with the orange outfit.

That picture up there pretty much captures Marty and Bernie’s personalities.  Marty is a Romance Sim who would very much like to become an Icon–a star of stage and screen.  He’s already begun thinking of himself as a famous actor, although he’s only ever played bit parts.  He also thinks of himself as a famous romancer and prides himself on his ability to charm women.  He’s certainly charmed Lisa and Jennifer so far.

Bernie, on the other hand, is a Knowledge sim who would like to Max Out 7 Skills, thank you very much.  He’s much quieter than his brother and spends a lot of time with his nose in a book.  He’d like to get to know his new housemates, but is rather shy and awkward.  He’s spent most of his life in Marty’s shadow.

Lisa Russilo is another Romance Sim.  She’d like to be a Visionary one day.  She’s very artistic and quirky and has a strange sense of humor.  She loves bright colors and patterns.

Jennifer Rose is a Fortune Sim.  She’d like to reach the top of the Entertainment career (in my game thanks to a mod from MATY that adds Life Stories careers as well as Uni careers).  My understanding of this career is that it’s more “Become a Movie Mogul” than “Become a Super Duper Entertainer”.  I’m going to spin Jennifer as a potential agent for Marty the aspiring actor.  

Both Jennifer and Lisa have a crush on Marty.  Jennifer doesn’t like Bernie at all.  This household is going to get interesting fast!


More than Okay

Simple and beautiful lyrics to dreamlike, upbeat melodies. His music is strange. It isnt complex but feels personal and loved. I think this is why I enjoy it so much.


i can’t believe this was three years ago. man, i’m really freaking out about time this week.


Amor eterno, por siempre. 

Dilute, Marty.