Jazz Martini

Somewhere, the sky is falling

Not here

We listen, sit and listen

To Jazz

It flows in the room, it’s in the air

We breathe it, we eat it

“a Gin Martini”

No. A Jazz martini

Men across the table from me

Momentarily seize to exist

A small piece of eternity

And everyone alone

With themselves

I throw cautious glances at the table

That we used to take

Who knows, maybe, you wanted some jazz

I see us in the couple to sits there


And you took my hands

And you kissed them

And someone sang at the piano.

No more. 

So if theres anything I love in this world, its cocktails and martinis. If theres anything I love MORE in this world, its HALLOWEEN themed cocktails and martinis. Since Halloween is upon us, I’ve been scouring the interwebs for some delicious and spooky booze-filled recipes. Recently I came across this one, although I have yet to try it, I imagine it would be great for anyone whos not overly keen on fruity tasting drinks. And I mean c’mon, just LOOK AT IT.


1 1/2 oz Gin

1/2 Dry Vermouth

1 Pickled beet