My babies decided to play king of the mountain this morning ... I woke up to the lovely sound of my xbox crashing onto the floor as they battled for real state on top of the desk. I flipped it on to ensure it still worked, gave them a lecture which I am sure they ignored, fed them breakfast, and figured I may as well head out for my LSD run!

I planned my route to allow for scenic views of the Nations Triathlon this morning. There is something about seeing elite athletes compete in person that is truly awe inspiring.


I traversed ten miles through Rosslyn and the monuments ... at some point I need to start tackling Hains Point (I have a history with that f'ing place). Easy LSD pace, beautiful weather, and minimal pain in my left ankle and right hip!

I got home early enough to feed my babies a second breakfast and shower before heading out to enjoy an amazing brunch at my friend's restaurant. We are listening to violin concertos and pretending to know wtf we're talking about when it comes to football.  GO TEAM GO!

p.s. I got this message from martinagettingfit after her long run yesterday and it absolutely made my day!


martinagettingfit replied to your post “I need professional clothes….”

H&M has nice professional clothes for not too expensive. I get my slacks from Target, they were between 30 and 40 but are lasting me a long time. Even cheaper is forever 21. They usually have blazers and nice blouses :)

I checked out Forever 21. They don’t have the blazers or really blouses in plus sizes in the store. I did get this awesome dress though, but not really work appropriate haha. And H&M doesn’t have women’s plus in the stores near me. I will check target for the slacks though. Torrid had this amazing blazer, but I wasn’t ready to drop the money on it just yet. 

My hip felt good enough to make up last night's tempo run.  Easy warm-up, twenty-five at tempo, and five minute cool down.


I am forced to titrate between running effort and pain threshold.  I am capable of running at a faster, harder pace, but I am gambling by running on damaged legs.  This is by far one of the dumbest ideas I've had in years. I'm glad that martinagettingfit heeds my advice and ignores my reckless actions ... clearly, I do not lead by example ツ

In regard to my TFIOS post (I implore you to read the long version)

I have a story.

Short version, anyone who carries an unlit cigarette in their mouth for more than 5 seconds is a freak of nature and I don’t want them near me. They can fuck right the fuck off.

Long version, one day (back when I was in college) this already somewhat awkward actor that was performing in a show I was Stage Managing decided that he wanted to follow my friends and I around.

Though I tried to avoid him because literally, I need time away from work. Everyone does it’s normal, he found us in the end. So while the 3 of us and the awkward guy were sitting outside, he pulls out a cigarette and starts ‘looking’ for his lighter. Making a whole big show about how badly he needs to smoke. So, my guy friend who smokes, pulls out his lighter and offers it to awkward guy. AWKWARD GUY TURNED IT DOWN AND CONTINUED TO MAKE A SCENE ABOUT NOT HAVING HIS LIGHTER AND HOW AGITATED HE WAS THAT HE COULDNT SMOKE!!!!

Thus, my friends made excuses about what they needed to do and I lied about needing to have a private meeting with the director, in order to get away from him. We very shortly met back up and repeated “What the fuck was that” in various pitches because WHAT THE FUCK EVEN WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

And now I am embarrassed for people who like that book/movie.