martin waters

Sebastian Stan in The Architect (2006)

anonymous asked:

what is the big deal with sebastian stan? he is all over your dash and i don't understand.

I get it.  Trust me.  

I had this “problem” too.  I saw him on my dash and couldn’t see what the big deal was.  He was definitely cute.  I mean, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers.  But I couldn’t see why girls were going crazy over him.

Then I watched Cap 2.  I became intrigued.  The fact that he’d helped hold that movie up with very little dialogue was impressive.

I went home that night and googled pics.  Still couldn’t see the big deal.  Attractive, yes (his smile is killer and his eyes are dreamy), but I just wasn’t convinced.

Then one night, I was searching YouTube when I caught a vid from a little known USA Network show called Political Animals.

My life ended that day.

I’ve been hooked ever since.

TJ Hammond.  Jefferson.  Jack Benjamin.  Martin Waters.

Look them up.  I defy you not to love him after that.

“I’ve never seen a dead body before. It’s not as… I don’t know… dramatic, as I thought. It’s not beautiful. It’s just Shawn, empty. It’s weird, huh? We’re all so detached; caught up in our own bullshit. And then, someone different comes into your life, and it changes everything. Like you could be staring it in the face, day after day - but it takes this thing from outside your world to show you what you needed all along.”

- Martin Waters, The Architect (2006)


…Oh, by the way, there was also at the deep some orginal art by a bloke living on Spurn Point, East Yorkshire, called Martin Waters. I’ll let a quote from his website explain the art that was shown:

I have been collecting stuff for most of my life but in the last few years I have made artworks specifically about these collections and the detritus found at Spurn Point…[I have a]…fascination with disguarded items and the life they may have had before, photographed, frozen in time, to be given another life as an art work…What was the previous owner like, what did they do, where did they live?


Lightlines Seminar with Martin Griffiths, Martin Waters and John Newling:

‘Very interesting speakers with incredible knowledge. Great to have such inspirational speakers in Grimsy, here at Abbey Walk Gallery. Hope to see more events like this!’

'An amazing day full of inspiration depth and insight’

'Loved all the speakers but especially Martin Griffiths. Range of experiences and methodologies very helpful and inspiring’

'Thoroughly enjoyed, great range of guest speakers’

'Three very different speakers but all three were excellent and the whole day stayed fascinating and inspiring throughout’

'Would love to hear more and see more of their work, hint hint!’

'I have not felt so moved or inspired in a very long time. Thank you’

'Excellent event - 3 artists very informative and well organised!’

'Good intimate group - Fantastic speakers that were different but the common thread held together’

'The parallels and comparisons together with diversity shows how important art is to all