Adalind and Meisner please stay together. Please.

I feel like they would be great parents. Meisner would probably be a great dad.

I can see it now, he’d be chasing the little girl around in the yard and she’d flip him with her mega powers and Adalind would watch from the window and laugh because he’s such a big strong man and he’s being thrown around by a little toddler.

Without Thought: Ch. 2

Title: Without Thought (AO3) 

Chapter: 2

Genre:  Romance, Drama

Rating: T

Description:  Starting out in ‘Once we were gods’ this story chronicles the unexpected love story of Adalind and Meisner through a mess of royal assassins, angry Princes, and even Grimms.

~Going Home~

                Adalind glared at the back of Meisner’s head.  He would not tell her where they were going or anything really.  He just grunted in response to her questions, she was not used to being ignored especially by men.

                The ache in her side burned the longer they walked.  Childbirth and hiking uphill really did not mix.  Adalind could feel her newly returned powers buzzing under her skin but they were outweighed by sheer physical exhaustion.  Her body hurt in new and unfortunate places and she felt like she was going to pass out at any moment.

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myshoutintothevoid replied to your post “I cannot wait to meet more members of the royal family. And what about…”

I thought Meisner, the guy, who helped Sean with the assasination of Eric is in the resistance.

I think the idea is that the royals are supposed to think it was the resistance, but Meisner is more of a mercenary, with an apparent talent for wet work. The way Captain Renard and Sebastien talked about him (out for himself, etc), he doesn’t sound the type to marry himself to a cause. If he were resistance, Renard would be unlikely to entrust the task to him, as he would have his own agenda apart from Renard’s (beyond getting paid).

nurselaney said:

Adalind/Meisner, High School AU ^_^

"You’re staring." Sean said, elbowing his friend hard in the side; Martin was subtle and an excellent friend and ally as a result but he was just terrible with girls.

“‘M not. Screw off.” He mumbled, turning away from the pretty blonde sitting daintily on the library stairs, who had just said something scathing enough to make Sean’s brother Erik back away.

"You are, and when she catches you you’re going to be miserable. My advice is to find someone who probably doesn’t have to file off claws before she goes to bed." Sean said, grinning broadly and leaning back on his patch of the sun heated bricks.