Fire Emblem: Sexy Legs - A custom NES cartridge

Here is a fun project that emiliafescribbles and I worked on together. As part of our quest to have every FE game ever made, we thought it would be nice if we could have a working version of the very first Fire Emblem on our NES.

To make all of this possible, first we had to hunt down a Famicom to NES pin converter. Without going too in depth, it can take Famicom boards and convert it to work on the NES and accommodate the lockout chip. These boards are found in very old NES games from time to time, and this one and the shell happened to come from ExciteBike. 

After some modifying of the case, we had to spruce up our little baby somehow - and that’s where Emilia came in. She hand painted the sexiest of sexy legs Marf on the cartridge, and sealed it in.

Voila! We now have a permanent working copy of FE. Of course, it hasn’t been translated, but damn it sure is nice to hear that 8 bit theme!