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im rooting for the doctor and her :)

“You look very nice by the way”- duncan

and i love this: in an interview “He’s caught between his loyalty to Elizabeth and his developing feelings for Sarah.”

and also in the article “he gets to know Sarah- a woman who in the truest sense can understand his pain”

Getting to know Janet King

On Thursday night actress Marta Dusseldorp appeared as Janet King in the first episode of the courtroom series with the same name. When she appeared on screen she became the first lesbian main character in an Australian television show. While it’s certainly something to celebrate, there are also a number of questions to ask and I don’t plan on being an uncritical viewer. While others have critiqued the plot, the ratings and even the wardrobe, I’m looking at the lbgtiq content. After Episode One I’m interested in how the character of Janet was introduced to the audience – especially the decision to not make her sexuality clear until well into the hour long show – also the scenario in which she was mistaken for straight by a colleague, and then the use of “dyke” as an insult.

I’m on a less-than-stellar computer. If I could, I’d put a “read more” break here. And there’d be screen shots.

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