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Space Walk

Space. My god, it’s full of stars! Stars and planets and galaxies and comets. He wanted to go there. Needed to go there. Knew there was something he needed to do out there. In space.

Instead he was stuck in a corridor. A corridor which led to another corridor which led to halls and more corridors. The doors led to rooms and stairwells, but never to space. He sucked his thumb. He wasn’t lost. He knew exactly where he was, down to the latitude and longitude. And depth. Not height, like where space was, but depth. Underground. Even farther from space than most of the world. And he was alone. There were supposed to be others, he was sure of it, but they weren’t here. Had they gone to space without him?? It was a worrying thought.

In space, no one can hear you scream. Scream for ice cream. Chocolate with marshmallow swirls. Like galaxies. He wanted ice cream, which was funny since he didn’t need to eat. He could remember it, though. Remember… remember… Space: the final frontier.

His thumb rubbed the roof of his mouth. It was smooth, lacking the ridges and bumps normally found in a human mouth. Except he wasn’t human, he was an android. He’d always been an android. Or at least since he’d been transferred from a core. Before that- Danger, Will Robinson!

“Space?” He took his thumb out of his mouth and looked around. He knew where he was, but he didn’t know where he was. “Space!” It didn’t quite echo. It wouldn’t have echoed in space, anyway. There wouldn’t have been any sound at all. “SPAAACE!” he repeated, just to make sure he could hear himself. Maybe someone else would hear, too.

Ben And Jerry's Just Released A New Flavor, And It Could Help Save Our Planet

If it’s melted, it’s ruined.

That’s the cardinal rule for ice cream consumption, because there’s really nothing worse than a runny pint you accidentally put in the refrigerator instead of the freezer. But it’s also true for our planet, as melting ice sheets are expected to cause a host of problems, including rising sea levels and the downfall of the polar bears.

For Ben and Jerry’s, social issues – from marriage equality to marijuana legalization – are best addressed head on. And now, the ice cream giant is tackling climate change with its latest flavor. The new concoction, called Save Our Swirled, is a mix of raspberry ice cream, marshmallow and raspberry swirls, and has pieces of dark and white chocolate fudge thrown in.

The flavor is part of an ongoing campaign to raise public awareness about the growing scourge of climate change – which contributed to 2014 being the warmest year ever recorded, has been declared a threat to national security by President Barack Obama, and is affecting our food.

“This is what happens when ice cream is just two degrees warmer than it should be,” the narrator says in the video above, which was released in conjunction with the flavor, as images of melting ice cream fill the screen. “For Ben and Jerry’s, it’s a mess. For the planet, it’s a metaphor, because a two-degree warming of our planet’s climate would have an equally dramatic, though much more significant impact.”

Major international governing bodies have pledged to do their part to keep the global temperature from rising two degrees Celcius, but thanks to a slew of industries like coal, the world isn’t doing too well.

Ben and Jerry’s acknowledges that ice cream is a carbon-intensive industry, because milk comes from cows, another prime driver of climate change. Some estimates say the bovines are responsible for up to half of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, and Ben and Jerry’s notes that each pint of ice cream the company makes adds up to two pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere.

But rather than ignore the issue, they’re addressing it, pledging to go 100 percent renewable by 2020 and spearheading an international movement to raise climate awareness.

The company launched the Save Our Swirled campaign earlier this year, partnering with Tesla Motors to create an emissions-free, retro-fitted ice cream vehicle. Through a partnership with activist network Avaaz, the tour aims to gather 3 million signatures in support of actively addressing climate change that can be delivered to world leaders ahead of this year’s highly anticipated Paris Climate Summit.

“This issue is so important, people need to be willing to get into the streets,” Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s, said in a statement.

The company has put its feet where its mouth is before – dozens of Ben and Jerry’s employees gathered in New York City last September for the People’s Climate March, toting banners and a giant ice cream cone topped with a melting model of the planet.

After all, you can’t just fix a too-warm planet by tossing it back in the freezer.

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Mmm, rocky road ice cream.

Downside: I hate nuts. Of every kind.

Also, my dad got a brand that has that marshmallow swirl of deceit instead of proper marshmallows.

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A perfect day for froyo ~ Cookies and cream and peanut butter swirl with marshmallows and peanut butter with coconut shavings 🍦😍 #froyo #eats who wants to share!????