a woman can preach, a woman can work

a woman can fight, a woman can build

a woman can rule, a woman can conquer

a woman can destroy, just as much as a man can.


At the Troy Stopover, Mumford & Sons performed “Sister” a cappella (and Marcus told the audience how he feels about clapping).  I recorded from the first chorus onwards. 

I’ve wanted to hear them perform this live for so long, and now I have.  My life has been made.

Downtown Troy; Aug. 30, 2013.

When I saw the golf cart go by, I noticed the beard and sunglasses, took a closer look and knew. I grabbed my sister’s shoulders (she was in front of me) and said, “It’s WINSTON!” She managed to take this picture. For the rest of the day, she kept saying, “He was that close and I didn’t even say hello. I just took a picture.”