• interviewer:have you ever seen a shrink before?
  • mark foster:uuuh, yeah, yeah.
  • interviewer:did you find it helpful?
  • mark foster:yeah, yeah, acutally, i- i did. it's cool like i haven't really gone on a regular basis.. my parents made me go when i was like 13.. uhmm and i kinda hated that. uuuhhmm and he ended up actually getting me in trouble... cause i told him i was smoking too much pot .. i told him... you know i, i trusted him, i trusted this guy, you know it's like, talking to him i'm like, "yeah, you know, my pot usage has gone up to like 4 times a week now,.." he told my parents.. and then they wanted to put me in like a like outpatient rehab facility and i'm like i am not gonna go to rehab for pot... like, please.
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:<3