Enjolras planning his wedding proposal to Grantaire for months and he thinks it’s going to be all perfect and according to plan, but when the time finally comes, he fucks up and says ”Marry you will me?”

And Grantaire raises an eyebrow and pulls out his own ring and offered it to Enjolras, ”I don’t know, will you?” and it turns out they’ve been planning the proposal at the same time behind the other’s back

They both say yes of course

I’m gonna be a typical and cliche whiny teen in every movie ever for like five seconds: I WANT A NORMAL LIFE N NORMAL PARENTS FICKIN CHRIST

How one man’s decision on gay marriage could rock the South

(Photo: Jahi Chikendiu / The Washington Post / Getty Images)

He hasn’t even been attorney general for two weeks, and he is already picking a battle that could have repercussions for marriage equality throughout the South.

But Democrat Mark R. Herring, who started in his new post as Virginia’s attorney general on Jan. 11, is no stranger to challenges — especially ones that change the political DNA of his state.

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