Your children are given to you in trust. They are an amana. You will have to account for how you treated them and how you made them feel. Take this responsibility very seriously and instill in them the confidence, strength and courage they need to succeed in the world. You will be asked about your treatment of your kids. Make your parenting a continuous source of good deeds.
—  Halel Banani
The Two Sides of the Coin

TITLE: The Two Sides of the Coin


AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine being brought to Asgard to be married to one of the sons of Odin.

Loki and you fall in love at first sight, but Thor won’t give up on you. He’s used to get what he desires.

Finally Frigga steps in and puts her older son in his place, making sure that Loki and you will be wed.

RATING: Teen and Up 

You stood under the willow tree where you had spent some of the afternoon with Loki, nervously wondering if the raven haired prince was simply playing a trick on you. According to your ladies-in-waiting, he was renowned for such. Convinced he was simply toying with you, you sighed and sat on the bench.

“You’re early.” Came a velvet smooth voice beside you ear, causing you to jump in surprise.

“You have to promise to teach me how to do that.” You laughed as you felt your heart pound in your chest.

“Only if you swear to never use it to hide from me. Do we have an accord?”

“We do.” You smiled bashfully.

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Accidentally Married - Part 1

TITLE OF STORY: Accidentally Married
AUTHOR: Cat Winchester
GENRE: Romance, angst
FIC SUMMARY: Tom and OC wake up after a drunken night in Las Vegas to find themselves married. The problem is the press already has the story, and an annulment might not be the best answer
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: I’m not entirely sure how far I can go with this so any thoughts or ideas are welcome

Chapter One

I put my hand to my head, wondering what had awoken me when I clearly wasn’t ready for consciousness.

The knocking came again, more like a pounding really, urgent and persistent, and I knew I would never get back to sleep until I did something to stop it.

As I swung my legs out of bed, someone groaned beside me and I turned to see my bedfellow throw his arm over his eyes.

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Options for unions based on education differ across race, and that can feed into growing inequality.

The decision to marry someone of a similar educational status is called assortative mating, and for black Americans—particularly black women—the ability to participate in such forms of marital selection are slimmer than they are for women of other races.

The problem I have, is that I fall in love way too easily… like, tell me you’re also obsessed with reeses peanut buttercups and I’ll be planning our kids names and wondering what I should buy your mother for her birthday.