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Dubstep dance by Marquese Scott who goes by the moniker NONSTOP.

55.5 million views on youtube. I can see why.

Gets really interesting around 1:10. Watch the whole thing. 

Found via Colossal.

“And I so very fucking much love that man.”

Vadim felt himself tighten up, body finally translating the touches and dealing with the pain, lust grew, and he groaned, wanting nothing more in the world to last but this, this tenderness, Dan talking. The illusion that there was no marching orders, he’d stay here and that was the end of it. Happily ever after. 

“And I love…you.” In Russian. “You’re killing me with this…” he gave a near-silent laugh. “Difficult to…endure…”

“Difficult to part.” Dan groaned, he sped up slightly, but his stroking remained slow. Couldn’t let Vadim come. “Most difficult…ever.” He concentrated on nothing but his feelings. Every sensation, no matter how small or big.

~ Aleksandr Voinov and Marquesate,
   Special Forces – Soldiers (1980-1989)

So looking at these Special Forces posts and I’m not going to lie, don’t know if I’m getting the wrong end of the stick and if I am I apologise. But this person Aleksandr has released it right, with editing and such? It’s just really starting to piss me off if people actually think he wrote it, because he didn’t. And if he gets recognition for the proper authors work it’s going to piss me off so much. He’s just edited it, they did everything else. They made the characters that actually make your heart hurt whilst reading, they did all that and now people are only just reading it because of him and yeah I liked it at first but now it’s fucked me off if people actually think he wrote it, because he didn’t and you can read it for free on Marquesate’s website, maybe s/he knows about this but I don’t know, but in a way I don’t even think its fair anyway. As it was written by Marquesate and Vashtan! Sorry if I’m going to piss people off with this comment but I’ve been reading this for years, I get protective.

Better late than never (on my part) a heads-up to the lovely review by Elisa, which she published in December. She writes about Beyond Her Majesty’s Men:

"I absolutely loved this short story, there is practically no sex and despite this (or maybe thanks to this) it’s one of the most romantic and sweet story I have ever read, and if you considering it’s about rough soldiers, it was not an easy job to make it like that."

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anonymous said:

There's this 00q fic, it's in 3 parts and Bond has a paralysed arm. I can't for the life of me remember the name of it. I was just wondering if anyone knows the name of it! Thankyou 🌸

Hi, there, nonni!

Unfortunately, I can’t think of what fic this is. ): However, I will certainly look for it and if any of our followers happen to have a clue as to what the title of this fic is, I will be more than happy to rec it for you!

Your assistance is needed, followers!


UPDATE 8/15/14:

Thanks to the amazing and lovely duochanfan for locating this series! As she has linked in reply, this 3-part series is Nil Desperandum by Marquesate and TABrown! Please heed the tags listed on the fics and happy reading!