I REALLY need to stop...

All the steampunk things XD Scrolling through the tag, finding all sorts of pretty trinkets, showing them to my sister who promptly gets peeved because A) we can’t get/afford them, B) it’s all concept art and not real things, and C) she’s actually supposed to be doing work (but I continue to annoy her like a good little sister :D)…Then liking/reblogging obsessively…I just want everything D: It’s so sad…But I got a pretty necklace <3


I think I have made a great deal of progress building up my inventory for the holidays.  Pretty good considering I am working with a handicap.  I believe there is a poltergeist or something in my house.

I am currently down 2 cable remotes, one book, and a cookbook.  Now I could put the cable remotes down to my scatterbrained husband misplacing them.  But I am a creature of habit and consistently put things in their special place or general area.  The cookbook has been on the counter in my kitchen for years, and is never moved.  The book is one in the middle of a series of a favorite author, Patricia Briggs.  My daughter just discovered this series of books and was borrowing them 2 at a time.  And it’s missing.  Strange huh?

I just hope the jewelry doesn’t start disappearing.  This necklace was actually inspired by some of my favorite books by Jules Verne.

It looks like we are going to skip winter this year and go right into spring.  Having said that, watch a snowstorm develop this week.  At any rate, with the warm weather and sunny days this last week, it apparently influenced my work this weekend.  I did several pieces with garden themes.

The two week break I took for Christmas has really paid off.  I have so many ideas and feel so energized.  Nothing like being anxious to get back to the workbench.  I know that some of the items like this one is a kind of specialized piece.  Most people don’t get it, but the bent ones like me, do. 

I still make enough normal pieces for the masses.  I just enjoy these.

I don’t know if this version will make it onto the shop, I’ve become a little too attached to it.  Last item I really liked ended up selling and I couldn’t get more components for it. 

But I’ve been so inspired lately, I’ve been creating up a storm and now my table is totally trashed again.  I will get to cleaning it soon, I don’t want to disrupt the flow of inspiration.

Wow, the entries have been pouring in.  Appreciate the love.

One of my kids said this necklace was “creepy, but very cool.”  That was pretty much what I was going for. 

That is why there are certain craft fairs, I can’t really attend.  I do sell stuff, but I have to spend too much time explaining it.  My items speak to you.  If you have to ask, it’s not talking to you.  It’s probably talking to the person behind you.

Inspiration in many ways, the curve of a building, the sway of windchimes, colors in a garden. This bracelet was inspired by a song. Listening to the radio, an old Beatles song came on. You guessed it: Octopus’s Garden.

This bracelet series are one of a kind. Two may have similar colors, may have similar themes, but no two are exactly the same. I like that. I want to wear things that may follow a trend, but have my own personal stamp. Of course, some of my items are different enough that I do sometimes wonder about my mental stability. But hey, if we were all sane, where’s the fun?

Gotta say, sometimes when I make items, it has to do with things in my head trying to get out.  Like this necklace for instance.  I had cut a copper triangle, textured it, oxidized it.  Didn’t know exactly what to do with it.  Then I saw this gear sitting on my table and thought perfect.  But that’s what I thought.  What would other people say when they saw it?  I know I have quirky taste.

But it is gratifying to see it’s something that appeals to others.  I’ve already sold it and according to people on my shop’s Facebook page, others want it as well.  So this weekend, back in the shop, and I will make a couple more.  They won’t be exactly the same, but it will be similar.  I like people to have a necklace that is one of a kind.

Have finished my jewelry shows for the year and would like to say it ended with a bang.  But that would be a lie.  It was a team effort and we rented an empty store at an outside shopping mall in the ‘burbs.  I’ve done festivals in that particular suburb before without great success, but I figured a shopping center, Christmas time.  We’d get a lot of overflow shopping right?  Wrong.  Apparently in this little area, handmade is looked down upon.  Had a few sales, broke even, but basically wasted 12 hours.  I guess I should have known when a good percentage of the women shopping were wearing jingle ball earrings.  Not exactly my clientele.  At least I know to steer clear of that area in the future. 

Now time to kick back, get my shopping done for Christmas and put together my sales plan for next year.  So Happy Holidays!

Getting to be that time again.  Trying to increase inventory and create new items.  Fall is time for lots of shows.  Not counting the Christmas shows.  I have spent the summer and the last few weeks in full creative frenzy.  The first half of the year has been much busier in the shop and at craft fairs, than in previous years, so I can only imagine what the 2nd half will be like.  One can hope!

I will be doing Cooper Young Festival again this year, so those in the Memphis area, mark September 15th on your calendar.  Come by my booth and see what’s new!

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog.  Circumstances beyond my control.  My mother-in-law, a lovely lady died recently.  I know emotional blows affect your immune system and it did.  Every member of our family ended up sick with one virus or another.  I personally spent a week in bed with a fever, but I’ve got past it.  My mother-in-law was so supportive of my craft.  Actually at the beginning, after a bad craft show, she was one of the ones to tell me I couldn’t quit.

So after I got better, I got back into the shop.  Actually I’m reorganizing the shop.  Sales are up and I have some new possibilities on the horizon.  So I need to have things organized to speed up the creation process.  I’ve got new ideas percolating in my brain and am ready to create!  I like to think in a way it’s a form of rebirth.

I took a two week break from my craft and tried my hand at a new project.  On a How-Tuesday on Etsy, an artist who make very large multidimensional Ojo de Dios had a kind of a how-to on how to make one.  I thought this would be a good brain cleansing project.  Give me something else to fixate on.  So during the Holiday break, I stepped away from the jewelry bench and worked on the Ojo de Dios. 

When I said he had a kind of a how-to, it’s because some of the explanations were kind of vague.  So there were 3 restarts and I did veer away from his template since I had to do some experimenting to figure out how to do it.  But on whole, I am pretty happy with it.  My next one will be better.  And by next one, I mean in a year or so.  But it was challenging and fun.  Learned all new cuss words.

So I want to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  There are some new opportunities in this new year that I hope to take advantage of, which I hope to announcing soon.  Peace.