Meet Marlea Grace Zerrudo Mique

She’s one of the few die hard kpop junkies that I’ve ever met. She’s a cool girl with a big voice and a brave heart. Though she breaks under pressure, she still manages to work things out and be successful after everything. She’s also a really fun person to be around with once you get to know her. 

She’s an awkward penguin and she likes it that way. When things get a little awkward, she’s the one that I call to at least clear the awkwardness away. She’s a brilliant artist, a smart kid and a very loving daughter to her parents. 

There was this time before Valentines Day, she asked me and Harvie if we could accompany her to the mall because she wanted to buy her parents cakes. And she started giving her parents cakes since last year and she still does that until now. Amazing. She’s hard-working and focused though it might not seem so. A dog and a cat lover. A crazy girl, my crazy friend woot!

Harry Imagine for Marlea: Homecoming

A/N: It starts out kind of sad, but trust me, it’ll end happy! xx

You were on the bedroom floor, next to your bed. The bed that only you had slept in for several months now. Harry, your husband, was on tour. You didn’t like to talk to Harry about how much you missed him, because it just made him feel bad. He hated hearing you upset while he was gone, so you sat on your bedroom floor, crying, begging whoever was listening for Harry to come home. 
"Please come home.. I can’t do this without you, Haz… Just come home…" You looked down at your protruding baby bump. Harry had been gone for 5 months, and you told him you were pregnant, but he had not seen your belly since it became visible. His voice rang through your head, saying, "I can’t wait to see the bump. Our baby. It can’t come fast enough." You called your best friend Gracee.
What’s wrong? Is the baby okay?
"Yeah, uh, we’re fine. I’m just-" You broke down in sobs.
I’m coming over, love. Be there in a minute." She hung up the phone and headed over to make sure you were okay. "Marlea? Where are you?"
"I-in here."
"Oh, Marlea, love, what’s wrong?" You turned to see her rushing to your side, sitting down next to you.
"I don’t know.. I just miss Haz." She understood what this was now. "I miss him so much, G."
"I know you do, hon. I know. He misses you, too. You know that."
"I don’t know if I can make it 3 more weeks without seeing him, Gracee."
"Yes, you can. Do you want me to stay with you?" You nodded, and she hugged you tightly. "How about a pizza and movie night? Me and you, chick flicks, pizza, and we’ll go out to get some ice cream."
"Yeah, I’d like that."

3 weeks later, the day finally arrived. You were at the airport with a big, baggy jacket covering your bump, waiting on Harry to walk through the gate. The other boys’ girlfriends/wives were there, and you were the hot topic of conversation.
"Are you excited to show him?"
"Definitely. I’m just excited to see him."
"We are, too. We’re excited to see all of the boys. How long has it been, anyway?"
"A little over 6 months."
"Wow… Well, we made it, girls. We made it." The crew began to walk through the gate, and you saw quite a few familiar faces. Niall came through, Zayn came through, Paul came through… You didn’t see Harry. Liam came through, Louis came through, and then, finally, you saw Harry. You started to cry and you ran to him. He dropped his bags and wrapped his arms around you.
"I’m here, love. Don’t cry. It’s alright."
"I’m so happy," you said. "I can’t believe it’s you. You’re home."
"I’m home. Don’t cry." He used his thumbs to wipe away stray tears before kissing you passionately. "God, I missed you." He began to unzip the jacket, revealing your 7 month baby bump. He placed his hands over your belly and smiled. "Just 8 more weeks, love. Is it a boy or a girl?"
"We’re gonna have a little baby boy, Haz." He kissed you, keeping one hand on your belly. 

Everyone decided to go out to lunch to celebrate the homecoming.
"So, Marlea, is it a boy or a girl?"
"It’s a boy!"
"I have name suggestions," Niall said, smiling like an idiot. "I like James, but you know what name sounds absolutely perfect?"
"Let me guess… Niall?" He nodded. "One Niall is enough." He laughed.
"Congratulations, you two."

2 months later, after an intense labor, your baby boy was in your arms, healthy, beautiful, and just perfect. You decided on Mason for the name.
"He’s beautiful, Marlea," Harry gushed over his son. "He’s absolutely perfect."

A/N: Hope you liked it Marlea! xx