An Inspired Event, an event planning team consisting of Maritess and Jackie, always provide details for their. This time it was for Maritess’ husband Ed.

The theme for the surprise birthday celebrant was obviously Giants. All of the fam and friends wore their Giants gear along with face cut outs of his face.


The last wedding of the year was Geralyn and Andy’s. Since they were Reggie’s good friend’s and the last wedding, I knew we had to finish strong for the year.

With this wedding we were given more time than normal to shoot the bridal party which allowed us to be more creative in our shots.

Big thanks to Reggie again for shooting with. He killed it with the “Sleeve face” shots.

*The outdoor group shot was dubbed “One Tree Hill”.


Mid September was my first time shooting a relative’s wedding. Pressure was on as usual, but a little more knowing that you want to be the best since it’s fam.

My cousin Gail and her fiance Joseph at first didn’t want a huge ceremony, but change their minds and met half way. All of the details were made by her and/or with fam/friends. VW mini bus boutineers and bouquets?! Custom pressed wedding rings?! Legit.