Hey, everyone!! 

HERO BOX will be at the J-Town Summer Festival on Saturday the 26th, 2014! We’ll be selling tokusatsu and anime collectibles, along with some toku themed snacks for you to enjoy! We’ll be there from 10am to 6pm, so if you’re in the area, want to enjoy good food (there will be lots of Japanese food!!), watch some performances, play some games, buy some tokusatsu merch, or just want to meet me and say hi, come drop by! I’ll be wearing my new yukata, and most likely something toku related ;) Here are some pictures of some of our new stock that just came in! We’ll have EVEN MORE than this at the festival! (Like LOCKSEEDS and METAL CELL MEDALS!) If you have any questions about our table, or the event in general, either send me an ask or send an email to: inquiries.herobox@gmail.com

Hope to see you there~!! 
一実川原 イング (NIPPONHERO)

3160 Steeles Ave E
Markham. ON
L3R 4G9


P.S. We are no longer at the CUBE ZONE on Spadina and College and will be moving to a new location shortly!!  

Cathedraltown - Markham, Ontario 2014.

Visible from Highway 404, just north of Toronto sits the abandoned Cathedral of the Transfiguration. Started in 1984, disputes between the land owners and the Byzantine Rite Slovak Catholic Church (attached to the Roman Catholic Church) resulted in the withdrawl of the church from the site. The last mass was held in 2006 and the building was quickly shuttered afterwards. As suburban Markham began to engulf the site, a new neighbourhood dubbed “Cathedraltown” started to emerge; a suburban community built around a European-style square with the cathedral as a centrepiece.

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K&F Kitchen, 3228 Hwy 7, Unit 13, Markham, ON, CA

We ordered the C special for dinner and we loved the assorted stir fry, salt and garlic chicken, tofu and vegetables, and the duck with sweet and sour sauce. Needless to say, everything was good! I recommend this place for a burst of different flavors. Everyone is bound to have their favorite dish. Happy Eatings!