I love vintage clothing for so many reasons. Mainly the way you can make up a history about a 50’s dress and the housewife who spent her time valley-of-the-dolling in it or the 70’s fringe vest and the hippie who easy-rode down the coast in it. On top of all the day dreaming that goes hand in hand with recycled clothing there is the good you are doing for the planet by re-purposing what is already available.

Last night I visited the boutique opening of Denim Refinery in Downtown LA where designer Janet Sung has mastered a technique to get any vintage item super soft with silicone washes. From vintage Mickey Mouse sweat shirts to army-navy surplus they all get the treatment that turns coarse poly blends into perfectly worn-in coziness. There is a little bit of love from the 50’s to the 90’s in the shop but most of all there is killer denim. Here I am in a bleached out Levi’s jacket that is available online. Visit DR’s tumblr to get inspiration for your pieces that are left in the corner of a drawer because you can send your neglected jeans to get the Denim Refinery make-over.


Once When I Was on tour doing wardrobe I would find myself in random cities for a day or two with some free time.  I found myself with a day off in San Diego and spent the day at the city’s amazing zoo.  I had my Sony DiscMan and the cds I brought were Luscious Jackson’s Fever In Fever Out and the Chemical Brother’s Setting Sun.  It was the perfect soundtrack and I still remember what animals I was looking at when I hear a certain song.

Anyways, when I saw these animal pendants from Cold Picnic, it took me back to that day in a heartbeat.  I love how inanimate objects can give you a tidal wave of memories.  Then I saw these cool watches and go to thinking about time travel.  Yeah, I go there in my brain sometimes, who doesn’t, really? 

Everyone has the time on the cellphone nowadays.  Do you wear watches for time telling or strictly accessorizing?

My head exploded when I saw this amazing printed bag at Negri Firman.  Of course, my notes made no sense to me after all this time but I managed to figure it out. 

The bag is a collaboration between the two fellows behind the Brazilian label Leitmotiv exclusively for the innovative fabric brand Alcantara. 

Click links to see the fantastically print heavy collection on the Leitmotiv tumblr (Hello Kittykitty!) and for all things sustainable and lux-modern go to Alcantara.  I couldn’t find the bag for sale but I did find both brands available on Yoox.


Yesterday you got a peek into the showroom of BPMW*** but I know you want to see the goods too.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the FW12 collection of Stussy

For me, growing on the beach in Hollywood, Florida is was all about crushing on those surfer-skate rats.  I will forever love the classic Stussy logo because it immediately brings me back to being 13 and stealing boys tee shirts on the beach while they were surfing. 

See what I’m talking about here


Is it just me or don’t you think the Cobra Society slippers and boots from the SS12 collection would be perfect with just about anything?!  I think the Alcazars pictured above would be great with cut off denim shorts and the General Idea jumper I posted earlier today.  Most of all I am coveting the slippers and the OTTO boots. 

Click images for style names and here to view all styles at Cobra Society.


I know we are (thankfully) finally coming into Springtime but damn, do these FW12 cozy knit overalls by 6 Shore Road make me want to curl up by a fire and drink spiked hot cocoa looking super chic in a ski cabin.  Tucked into boots and worn over a great long sleeve henley with a knit cap would be such a foxy look.  I am just a teeny tiny bit thinking about winter and snow.  So not like me!  The fantasy of fashion is a strong influence because I don’t even like snow.