Trends speak louder than words. Here’s what was noisy this week:

  • In Palm Springs: Merrymakers pose for Valencia-tinted selfies under the desert sun at Coachella. And #reclaimthebindi, a campaign against cultural boho-priation of South Asian traditions for disposable fashion.

  • In entertainment: BB-8 bounced and bopped its spherical bum through the sand in the second Star Wars trailer. Hollywood glamorati hobnobbed at the 23rd (yeah) annual MTV Movie Awards. Some of them won a bucket. And The Royals is E!’s first scripted show, not counting their other shows. 

  • In the news: Hillary Clinton has been driving around Iowa in a van solving mysteries.

  • In history: A century has passed since the Armenian genocide began.

  • At school: The theme for this year’s promposals is signs.

  • In Homestuck: Lord English’s true nature was revealed in the proximity of some horses. True fact. Look it up. 

  • In music: The sound of hysteria: Green Day is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Also, some popular blogs from the week:

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Oh, Tumblr marketr — you know us so well. These figures and illustrations come from a post outlining a Tumblr-sponsored marketing study. Among Tumblr users surveyed in October 2014…

  • 70% use Tumblr once a day or more often.
  • 34% would rather be on Tumblr than be asleep.
  • 29% would rather be on Tumblr than hang out with friends.
  • 28% would rather be on Tumblr than eat.

Pro tips: It’s okay to eat while scrolling through the Dashboard. If you must nap during Tumblr, avoid QWERTY face.

Here is Digiday’s take on Tumblr’s study.

#StayWeird on the Internet: Best Practices for Tumblr

Tumblr is weird. Let me reiterate that. Tumblr is weird and it knows that it is weird. Tumblr’s Staff is even on the joke, admitting that it is “so easy to use that it’s hard to explain” (until it does explain it). But it’s also an awesome way to amplify content and build a little community on the coolest corner of the internet. 

For any brand, publisher, blogger or newbie looking to use Tumblr, here are our best practices for using Tumblr. READ MORE.

You can measure a week by the size of its trends post.

  • In current events: While Nigeria peacefully elected a new (former) president, the Indiana state legislature legalized discrimination. Also, finally, thankfully, a framework agreement with Iran

  • It’s Passover: Just a few more hours to clean out all the crumbs. 

  • In business: Jay-Z and other mega-millionaire musicians announced Tidal. The new music streaming service promises to democratize music in the same way super PACs democratize politics. Also, a copy machine named Coppy.

  • In things to get excited about: The Trans Day of Visibility would’ve been unthinkable a few years back. #wearyellowforseth helped a little boy with SCID feel pretty damn special. And blackout is now a monthly occurrence.

  • In music: Load up on guns, bring your friends, there’s a new Nirvana documentary. Spencer Smith (Panic! At the Disco) is taking a well deserved break. And we remembered Selena. The beloved Tejano singer died 20 years ago this week.

  • In gaming: Incongruously beautiful Bloodborne fan art considering the subject matter.

  • In entertainment: Comedy Central announced that Trevor Noah would be the new host of The Daily Show and the slowly greying head of hair by which we measure the passing of the next two decades. Wrestlemania was the fullest nelson. And the Kids’ Choice Awards: the largest consumer of gak in the continental United States. 

  • In Tumblr stuff: It happened again, and why shouldn’t it? Mishapocalypse.
  • In sports: Riding for Yamaha, Italian Valentino Rossi took the top spot at Losail in the first race of the MotoGP World Championships. 

And some of the most popular blogs of the week:

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What’s the sound of one tag trending?

  • In entertainment: Vin Diesel called Furious 7 “the biggest movie in history” and expects an Oscar. You can argue with him if you want but the man can crush a cantaloupe in one hand. Also, netflix ordered dozens more episodes of Arrested Development. Dozens! (17, actually).

  • In the news: South Carolinian Walter Scott was shot eight times in the back after being pulled over for a broken taillight. Michael Slager, the arresting officer, was charged with murder and fired. Also: younger of the two Boston-bombing brothers, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was found guilty. Sentencing still to come.

  • In sports: One Direction’s Niall “five iron” Horan is caddying at The Masters for Rory McIlroy, the number one golfer in the world and the second most famous person at the tournament. 

  • In rites of passage: Spring break road trip. McDonald’s breakfast, a rest stop–size bag of Twizzlers, and a four-inch binder of burned CDs, poorly labeled in Sharpie.

  • In games: LEGO is really covering its bases by announcing a video game and a Golden Girls set. Plus, Nintendo’s trailer for the next Fire Emblem—new gameplay and even more screwed-up family dynamics. 

  • In comics: It’s convention season, which means it’s cosplay season. Please be mindful of the less interesting conference taking place in the hotel’s other ballroom.

Also, check out some of the week’s most popular blogs:

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Old Navy Introduces Spring Fashions With Tumblr Content And Yahoo Splash Ads


Marketing Land has the scoop on Old Navy’s (oldnavy) groovy cross-network promotion of their spring collection: They’re combining Tumblr Sponsored Posts with Yahoo Splash ads and traditional display to get the most out of their creative.

One thing they forgot to mention in the article is the inclusion of a “Buy Now” action button on the top of every post, which links directly to the product page on the Old Navy website. It makes their whole blog is a rebloggable catalogue.

Old Navy Introduces Spring Fashions With Tumblr Content And Yahoo Splash Ads was originally published on


Some new data from our Brand Advisory Panel. (Thank you to everyone who contributed!) This time we asked our users about streaming their favorite TV shows and movies. The trend away from traditional cable and satellite providers wasn’t as surprising as the speed at which it’s happening among Tumblr users. Streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix, and broadcasters’ websites have replaced set-top boxes for a quarter of our users; and computers—not 65" TVs—are the primary entertainment system at home.