FOX is buying some Sleepy Hollow promoted posts on Facebook including a link where you can catch up on the latest episode (didn’t click it because that might run down their budget, but hopefully they’ve waived the stupid nine day waiting period unless you have the right cable provider thing). So they’re spending a little money. That’s good. 

78% de los jóvenes latinoamericanos entre los 18 y 30 años tienen un “smartphone”
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El sondeo “Telefónica Global Millennial Survey 2014” reveló que los “millennials” usan sus teléfonos primero para consultar las redes sociales y después para ocupar sus funciones tradicionales.
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Four Ways for Pages to Prepare for Facebook’s Nov. 5 Like-Gate Ban

By now, you’ve surely heard about the Facebook

like-gate ban

 that will go into effect Nov. 5.


New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media.

Dos de las zonas más extremas de Chile reciben finalmente conectividad a internet
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Con esta medida se verán beneficiados más de 600 chilenos de las localidades de Villa Ortega y Puerto Sanchez, de la región de Aysén.
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"Sunset Overdrive", la nueva apuesta de Microsoft para impulsar la Xbox One
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El juego, en tiendas desde este martes, ofrece movimientos rápidos, una historia divertida y un protagonista totalmente personalizable.
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Responsibility for the environment starts with good practice in the office 

We are all responsible for the future of the earth, to save our precious resources for the next generations. There is much that business owners can do to reduce the negative impact of their business processes on the environment. No change is too small, it’s good to adopt an ‘every little helps’ mentality.
So what can you do?

Most offices these days have computers and other electrical equipment. When you buy a new appliance, ensure it has a good energy rating.

Education is important. Make sure all your employees know that they must turn their computers off at the end of the day. A poster in the office can serve as a handy reminder. However, it is easy to forget, so if you can automate any energy saving measures then do so. Set computers to go into sleep mode after a period of inactivity. Ensure that flashy screen savers do not kick in, instead choose the option for no screen saver. Another handy tip, that could also save you money, is to reduce the size of the monitors used. For some roles, a large screen is not necessary. Smaller screens use less electricity, they’re also cheaper to buy.

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