An ingenious ad for Black Sabbath’s comeback album, “13”, which is shown ‘emerging’ from layers of old posters. McCann dug their way through the many layers of flyposters that cover Copenhagen’s walls to create the installations and resurrect the legends.

Propaganda McCann Erickson, Copenhagen Via

It’s funny, sometimes I sit here and think we’ve all lost our collective minds trying to figure out cryptic tweets, Instagram posts, egg selfies, travel plans, etc.

And then I come across a headline like this

And I realize that the whole fucking world is trying to figure out what these guys are doing and no one has an answer (or no one that’s willing to share anyway).

The mystery is part of the marketing. Some of the mystery is manufactured (like the break-up rumors), some is real (Larry - even if it wasn’t real, the shroud of mystery around them is), and some is just people getting so used to the puzzle that we’re picking lint up off the floor and trying to see where it fits (ordinary business transactions and movement, promotional tweets).

I think we’ve got more lint in our puzzle box than we, as a fandom, think we do. But until we get a clearer picture of what the completed puzzle is going to be, it’s impossible to tell what’s lint and what’s not.

Company with no product wins $533M verdict vs. Apple, says it’s no “patent troll”

Smartflash LLC is a company that operates out of a tiny office suite in Tyler, Texas. It has no employees or products and no assets except for a handful of patents—but it may be getting a whole lot of cash. A jury verdict (PDF) that came out late yesterday orders Apple to pay the company $533 million for infringing three of its patents.

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onlyhereforthedashh asked:

YOU MINDREADER! I was literally just thinking 'maybe we're all insane, maybe we're all just reading way too much into it all' and then you posted this. Your analogy with the lint in the puzzle is so spot on, I love it a lot. Great, great post. x

Thank you!!  I honestly saw that headline and it just clicked, it’s not just the Larries, it really is part of their appeal and we’re all buying into it.  If they weren’t so “shady” we wouldn’t need update accounts to track their flights. They’d tweet “heading for the UK for a short break!” and we’d go “okay, have fun!”  But the mystery of where they’re going and what they’re doing keeps the entire fandom glued to the screen.

I think we underestimate the 1DHQ marketing skills, tbh.  I’m not saying that Larry is some sort of weird queer-baiting, or that their closet isn’t forced on them, BUT thousands of people joined the fandom because of them and I do think some of what we see is a calculated HQ response to both engage us and keep them in the closet.

Dozens of us, maybe hundreds, have said that all they EVER had to do was flat out say - nicely - “I love Harry/Louis, but we are not together and never have been, though it’s flattering that you guys would think so.”  Since that has never happened, we take it as (partial) confirmation that they are.  And I think their PR has figured out a way to play it to the tune that Modest wants while at the same time fueling the rumors and feeding us just enough to keep us from walking away.

I still stand by previous posts that they are often ham-handed and inept, but behind that are probably some clever minds that we’ve never really considered before - the execution just often has the subtlety of a brick to the face.

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Les principaux Business Angel Network en France : http://t.co/H0bdTWePkB #startup #business #entrepreneur #angels #investisseurs #startups

Les principaux Business Angel Network en France : http://t.co/H0bdTWePkB #startup #business #entrepreneur #angels #investisseurs #startups

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onlyhereforthedashh asked:

Thanks for your lovely reply! And now you're scaring me. What's kept me in this fandom (and I'm still new, came into it in late 2014) are the utter lack of denials from the boys themselves. If they'd once straight up said 'nah, Larry ain't real, we're just BFFs' (they had so many chances), I'd have accepted it and maybe have stayed for the band (probs not, though, tbh) and written it off as a cute ~bromance. Which is quite the eye opener, really.

Honestly, I think their early refusal to make a clear verbal statement when given the opportunity was 100% genuine.  Remember, they actually played along with the closet the first year or so until it stopped being fun, but still avoided confirming anything. They simply didn’t want to lie - most people would rather obfuscate than lie.  I just think that once their team figured out that they weren’t going to make themselves comfortable in the closet, they had to find a way to work around it.  And after their initial efforts backfired they had to come up with something else. So they began to use it to their advantage.

You and I are living proof that the heavy handed closet brought in fans that they wouldn’t ordinarily have had.  I wasn’t interested in trying out their music at all until I fell for Louis & Harry and now I LOVE IT!  

IDK, there are still holes in my theory, but again, it’s so hard to sort the lint from the real puzzle pieces.

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