Friday Reads: A quick collection of the best things we’ve been reading this week. This week it’s all about visual media and marketing: 

"Twitter has gone the way of visuals, too. Make sure your work is noticed by using Twitter Cards to feature images and other information, such as a sign-up form.

Use Twitter Cards to feature full-sized images in the news stream.” 

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"What is it that makes you read or click through a post? A careful analysis shows that most activity in social media sites is triggered by visual representations or images." 

But not just any images: you’ve got to find a visual content strategy that resonates with your audience just as much as a written one. 

anonymous said:

1] Edwin, I don't work for Modest and have no insider knowledge on 1D but I do work in PR and the naivety of many fans never ceases to amaze me. To those who doubt the closet exists, who doubt that stories would be planted in the media, who doubt that two people might be "linked" for PR purposes and/or to hide the sexuality of one or both, who doubt that secrets would be hidden from fans - what do you think we DO? It's all about the image, darling.

2] I doubt my firm is unusual in how we handle our clients. Believe me, we spend a lot of time analysing social media and web forums. We spend a lot of time handling our clients little - and not so little! - indiscretions. I have personally offered a juicy story on one client to a tame journo in return for them not publishing something on another client. We take the public image of our clients very seriously because that’s what we’re paid to do!


I don’t work in PR, I work in government and I am involved in our trade Union, but we do the same thing to one degree or another. The actual truth is nowhere near as important as the public perception of the truth. And sometimes you need to knock someone under the bus; it’s just business. Christ, I’ve driven the bus more than once. 

As the latest marketable, targetable demographic, they’re easy to stereotype. But that doesn’t mean they should be.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably consumed more than your fair share of media reports, research, and write-ups aimed at deciphering the millennial mindset.

As marketers and advertisers, we may once again be guilty of overanalyzing the heck out of any and all available data points, the goal being to put everything into neat buckets for our paying clients and prospects.

In our industry, so many thoughtful insights have been published that it’s reasonable to think we’re dangerously close to, once and for all, cracking the code on this elusive species, right? Maybe not.

Recently, ad agency Pinta commissioned a research team of graduate business school students—all millennials—from Florida International University to do some cultural detective work, scour through third-party research on the popular segment, and conduct some of their own proprietary research.

Here’s what they found>

La #startup du jour: Tawacovoiturage - covoiturage évènementiel #covoiturage #evenement #evenementiel #transport #PAP

La #startup du jour: Tawacovoiturage – covoiturage évènementiel #covoiturage #evenement #evenementiel #transport #PAP

La #startup du jour: Tawacovoiturage – covoiturage évènementiel #covoiturage #evenement #evenementiel #transport #PAP

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Weekly Political Report: Race “Does” Matter in America (Ferguson Edition)

Photo (above) credit: Flickr User Joe Topichak 

On Aug, 9th 2014, America and the world witnessed yet again the death of another unarmed African American teenager by the hands of a law enforcer. Michael Brown, a 18 year old, was fatally shot by 28 year old police officer Darren Wilson, and has started an uproar in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. Now in its 11th day, there has been no sign of peaceful resolution, to either curb the violence between Ferguson citizens and police officials or reduce the armory and weapons of the police force (military tanks, tear gas, etc.)

While its still unclear of what really happened between the teenager and the police officer, Americans are stilled faced with this divisive status quo:

An unarmed black male shot (multiple times) by an armed white police officer–no sugar coating.

Rather than talk about the evidence of this case or the witnesses’ accounts of what actually happened, I will instead talk about why “Race ‘Does’ Matter in America” from a political stand point and what must be done in Ferguson, Missouri (and across America) to prevent this from happening again–using concrete facts and examples.

Why Does Race Matter in America?

From a political standpoint, we are a nation of immigrants and “Race” implicitly drives the day in America–whether it be socioeconomic status, jobs, voting rights, immigration, foreign policy, the justice system, etc.. We come from different walks of life in different shapes, sizes, faiths, and shades of color. And what Americans (and citizens around the world) need to have is “perspective”–recognize that each race has a history of discrimination and not be so quick to “brush it off”.

This incident of Michael Brown is a tragedy and comes from a long history racial discrimination which young black men and women in America have been wrongfully targeted by law enforcement or the justice system for no reason except for the color of their skin–dating back to the Civil Rights and Segregation era. And it is because of the unwillingness of people (like the law enforcement) to not recognize this history, that we see “Race and Police Brutality” again and again in the post-Civil Rights era (like Rodney King) and today’s culture (like Trayvon Martin & Eric Garner). The history is there, and will repeat itself until it is recognized. Brown University and other sources have published this report:

  • St. Louis. situated just below of Ferguson (where the shooting took place) is the 9th most segregated metro area in America, as of 2010. (Brown University)
  • In a town that’s over 60% black, Ferguson has: a police chief and a mayor that is white, only one city council that is black, one school board member is black, and just 3 out of 53 police officers are black. (US Census; City of Ferguson; Ferguson)
  • In 2013, Ferguson police officials have arrested 483 black people while 36 white people were arrested–and when Ferguson police officers arrest and search black people for contraband, only 1 in 5 are caught with them verses white people in Ferguson which is much higher, 1 in 3 (Missouri Attorney General)

These are the facts (no sugar coating) and you cannot deny them. Few Americans, who will see this, won’t view it as a big issue (versus what is going on now in Ferguson, Missouri). But, politically speaking, if you have a body of government that is disproportionate to the size and views of one minority population (a minority which can be categorized by gender, race, or creed) in one particular region, it’s a big issue!Political unrest is bound to happen, example being today. This is a political issue as much as it is a racial one. However, the core reason why I think “Race ‘Does’ Matter in America” (which goes back to having “perspective”) is the current crises in Iraq.

In July 2014, I did a radio talk at UR Business Network on the rising terrorist threat ISIS and the collapse of the new Iraqi government. And what I said in that talk, as to the reason “why the new Iraqi government collapsed in the face of ISIS?”, is that the Shia government (the current Iraqi Government) marginalized their minority tribes (in Iraq:) the Sunnis and Kurds–especially the Sunnis with heavy armor military presence and force. This in return led to the growing opposition of the Shia government and the rise of the terrorist group known as ISIS, who are Sunnis themselves!

The political disaster in Iraq is happening in the same fashion as Ferguson, Missouri. You can call the Mike Brown shooting “a freak accident” or “self-defense” all you want, but given the concrete facts from credible sources and the political perspective, that “having a disproportionate government–overwhelm a minority population–is bad”, the Michael Brown shooting incident cannot be brushed aside nor can “Race” in America.

Not to say that terrorism will arise in Ferguson, Missouri, but the elements of political terror and unrest will continue unless a solid conversation on “Race” happens today in Ferguson and a body of government that will represent all minorities–which is similar to what America is doing in Iraq today.

What must be done in Ferguson, Missouri (and across America) to prevent this from happening again?

First, bring Darren Wilson to trial and let the system work under Eric Holder’s watch. Two, Ferguson citizens and the police force must establish a truce of non-violence (during and after the Michael Brown trial) and start having a serious dialogue on racial disparity in their city–re-evaluate the current city government (and law enforcement) and find ways to discourage racial profiling and encourage racial diversity that will reflect the minority population of Ferguson, then, Three, have Perspective!

The sooner Americans, and citizens across the globe, have this “perspective” (or “perspective” in general) the better. The city government of Ferguson, Missouri, by all means, must not reflect the same intrusive acts done by the current “collapsed” government in Iraq–it cannot oppress or overwhelm any minority population by military tanks or force.

We are Americans and we treat Americans as our own–Michael Brown is an American! Like it or not!

Mistakes have been made in the Michael Brown incident, but Ferguson and the State of Missouri can still resolve this matter by reducing the huge racial disparity in the workforce and have a government (and police force) that is reflective of the African-American community.

The ultimate goal, in my opinion, is to set up a training course, for law enforcement and Americans, on “Racial Harassment” (like “Sexual Harassment”) that will teach people the existence of racial discrimination in America and learn how to conduct themselves in a professional manner to prevent acts of racial prejudice–and I call on President Obama to enact this legislation.

For more people and politics go to

Here is a source where I pulled my facts from: Ferguson is 60% Black. Virtually All its Cops are Black (Mother Jones)


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What it means to not have a family.

I have to say, this last week has been not only the most exciting weekend of my life but it’s also been the most emotional week of my life in a long time. It’s the moment when I realized that I might have a family after all.

My father disowned me when I was 20 because I forgot to call his wife on my first mothers day. He threatened to take me out of the wil and my response to him was “do it, I don’t want your money anyway.”

I’ve always been a bit hard headed, however, I became enraged when I finally realized that he has spent most of his life controlling me with his money. From that moment on I vowed to never let money control my life again. From that moment, I promised myself that I would stay single and never rely on a man for anything. 

My family then proceeded to force me in to financial ruin by fighting me for custody of my own daughter. Lucky for me, I had a great support system of friends that helped me fight back. I lived on ramen for a year but I won my case and I have full custody of my daughter.

My career has always been incredibly important to me and thanks to this weekend I discovered that my marketing team at work is my family. They are always here when I need them, they always support me and they always have my back.

What I’ve realized, however, is that the scariest part about having a family for the first time in my entire life is having something to lose. I’ve only ever had to protect Hailey with my life but now I have a whole team of incredible people that I would do anything for. 

I am so fortunate and I can’t thank my team enough for being some of the most influential people I have ever met in my entire life.

So the Lebanese Lottery is spreading this all over country (while beer ads are getting removed in some places due to the pressure of rising islamic extremism coming from neighboring countries).

This is disgusting on so many levels, because it encourages men to become not only pedophiles, but it also gives them the sense all women can be sold and traded with your fortunes.

Anyways, the punch line also implies that those who need money to get women are already emasculated and won’t be able to please their women ^^, so maybe that’s a consolation for this pathetic and cheap advert.