Night Market

This scene was made from scratch (research>design>animation>composite) It’s 9 seconds long with idk how many animated characters and took me around 3 weeks to finish. Kind of frustrating chopping it up into pieces for Tumblr but it’s the price you have to pay if you don’t want some potato quality looking gif.

Feel free to share or whatever (it’d be super cool if you did though)

EDIT: I was able to upload a full version of this right here


Jan 30 - Feb 10

On the Road

A Snail Mail Diary

by MountainMan/CityBoy

After finding a place to watch the superbowl (sorry couldn’t be helped and btw GO PATS!), and cruising the streets of Cuzco for a few nights I’m headed north the land of fairy tale mountains outside of Huaraz!