Are gays in cahoots with global corporations? That doesn’t credit LGBT =)

As for corporations they just suppose that client is always right. They are not going to lose their customers because of their lifestyles)

Photographer’s Note:

This is my last photo from Afghanistan, at least for this time, and probably forever. This is my 62nd upload from that very fascinating country, and I have also added about a dozen workshop photos. I have many more, but hardly any good enough to show here.

I took this picture an early morning in the city of Herat, near the border with Iran, where I had arrived after a long and tiresome journey on very bad roads through the northwestern part of the country. I saw these men outside a shop in the market area a few minutes after I had taken my previous photo, posted here a few days ago.

As usual no women are visible in this kind of place, but I have found a small girl. Can you locate her?

The next day I left Afghanistan. I was certain I would never return, but decades later I managed to visit the country twice again. Believe it or not, but I have no photos from those journeys. I had tight schedules with little time for sightseeing, and my heavy shoulder bag was filled with a bulky computer and a satellite phone. I had not yet bought any small digital camera. Furthermore I was accompanied by professional photographers and felt little need for any pictures of my own.

Photographer: Gert Holmertz
Date Taken: 1973-05-23