Jaguar Mark IX, the two-tone is a bit weird around the rear fender, but the coordination with the tires/wheels is superb.  

Lets not forget that the they had 4-wheel disc brakes, and a double-overhead cam 6-cylinder engine.



Check out this actual faster-than-light starship design by Mark Rademaker/Dr. Harold White. 

From the artist:

The IXS Enterprise is a theory fitting concept for a Faster Than Light ship. It’s designed for/with NASA scientist Dr. Harold White and used in his presentations as an extra. Mike Okuda also brought input, and designed the Ship’s insignia.

I’m currently in the process of repainting and texturing the ship. This version will replace the first version, that was less detailed in terms of materials. (Mesh stayed the same.)

Total hours into this project: 1600 and counting. :)

Supermarine Spitfires of No. 111 Squadron RAF undergoing maintenance at Comiso, Sicily in the summer of 1943. ‘JU-R’ in the foreground is a Mark IXE, the other aircraft being Mark VCs.

No. 111 Sqn played a role in the Battle of Britain, pioneering dangerous head-on attacks against the Luftwaffe bomber streams. Claims included 47 aircraft shot down for 18 Hurricanes lost. The squadron replaced its Hurricanes with Supermarine Spitfires in April 1941. In November the Squadron again relocated to RAF Gibraltar for support of Operation Torch, the invasion of North Africa. In a similar role it moved to Malta in June 1943 to support the invasion of Sicily, then moved ashore. From Sicilian bases it covered the Italian landings, moving onto the mainland in September 1943. In preparation for the invasion of Southern France the squadron moved to Corsica in July 1944, covered the landing and then moved to French airfields to support the ground forces until returning to Italy in October. For the rest of the war it carried out fighter-bomber operations and then joined the occupation forces in Austria, eventually disbanding on 12 May 1947.

The text - the idol of modern day evangelicals

The text – the idol of modern day evangelicals

I read an interesting article on the IX Marks website. I like much of the article and found it useful. However:

The claim was made that the greatest danger in the church today is well meaning pastors who…

“…because, in spite of their confession, their words and actions treat Christianity as nothing more than the best form of therapy. They treat it as self-help. They treat it as the path to better…

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The Business Imperative of Engaged Journalism.

After reading the Foreword by Mark Briggs (ix-xii), Preface (xiii-xxiii), Introduction (1-16) and Chapter 1 (17-41), please answer one of the following questions as a comment on this post by noon Tuesday, Feb. 3:
  • Why do (or don’t) you think engaging the audience is important to any news organization’s business model?
  • Audience engagement is often thought of as another buzzword for using social media. What examples of face-to-face engagement from Chapter 1 did you find interesting with respect to connecting with audiences in person? How can these efforts advance the business mission for a news organization?